The Dangerous Alliance
The Dangerous Alliance

While Arn found his greatest success with the Four Horsemen, his stint with the Dangerous Alliance was also very fruitful. It was a tremendous group of wrestlers and they held plenty of gold. Arn held the WCW World Tag Titles as part of the Dangerous Alliance, once with Larry Zbyszko and once with Bobby Eaton.

With Larry Zbyszko, putting it to Scott Steiner.

Although Arn and Larry Zbyszko only held the belts for two and a half months, they were so dominant that they won Pro Wrestling Illustrated's award for tag team of the year in 1991. Larry Zbyszko was terrific on the microphone and a master of ring psychology, or as he would say, "the game of human chess".

From a magazine article when Arn and Larry were champs.

The incident where Arn and Larry broke Barry Windham's hand in the car door. This incident would earn Larry the nickname "Cruncher".

Ironically, breaking Barry Windham's arm would directly lead Arn and Larry losing the tag titles as Ricky Steamboat would take Barry Windham's place in a match and help Dustin Rhodes defeat them.

With Bobby Eaton...a great wrestler, and always a terrific tag team partner. They held the belts for three and a half months.

Anybody who watched Arn in the 80s probably couldn't ever imagine this picture. But, believe it or not, Arn actually teamed with the Rock 'n Roll Express on a few occasions after his time in the Dangerous Alliance.

And, after that, a short-lived version of the Horsemen. It may have been short-lived, but Arn and Paul Roma were the World Tag Team Champions, something many great teams never accomplish.

Arn showing Dustin Rhodes that he was not about to change who he was.

After the Horsemen of '93, Arn was part of the Stud Stable. Here is Arn putting it to Dustin Rhodes at War Games '94, and Arn and Meng tending to Col. Parker after the match.

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