More from the 80s
More from the 80s

During the 1980s, in addition to the NWA/WCW TV Title which Arn is well known for, he held tag belts with Jerry Stubbs/Mr. Olympia, Pat Rose, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard. Tag matches and single matches, he'd fight anyone...

Here's an old one, Arn and Jerry Stubbs with the Southeastern Tag Titles in 1984.

Twisting some punk's head off.

True to the Anderson legacy...trying to pull some other punk's left arm right out of its socket.

With the NWA World Television Title and the NWA National Tag Belt. This picture must have been taken in January or February of 1986.

Against Robert Gibson of the Rock 'n Roll Express. As much as the crowd loved the Rock 'n Roll Express, Arn loved pounding on them. He wrestled countless tag matches against them with Ole as his partner as well as Tully Blanchard.

Against Barry Windham many years ago. Barry Windham would later become a Horseman in 1988. April 20th, 1988, to be exact.

Putting Dr. Tom Prichard down to the canvas...hard!

Putting the squeeze on Nikita Koloff's bald head. Arn chased Nikita Koloff for the U.S. Title for the first six months of 1987, until fellow Horseman (at the time) Lex Luger took it from him.

This picture looks really old, but that guy helping Arn out looks awfully familiar.

Not to be toyed with.

A promotional shot of Arn and Tully.

An abdominal stretch on Bobby Fulton...with a little help.

With the TV Title. Looks to be from the mid-80s.

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