Having Trouble Seeing DDT Digest Pictures?
Having Trouble Seeing DDT Digest Pictures?

If you are here, likely it is because you are seeing the DDT Digest "denied" JPG. This likely means one of two things:
  1. If you were on another website, you were led here because that webmaster was "hotlinking" material from DDT Digest (http://www.ddtdigest.com). That means that, on their webpage, they were bringing up one or more pictures directly from the DDT Digest webserver. Generally, I don't mind if people take a copy of a picture from DDT Digest, put it on their webserver, and bring it up on their website as long as credit is given. However, if the picture is hotlinked, then I get charged for the bandwidth. Since DDT Digest has been online, I haven't fretted about hotlinking too much; however, I'm now going over my bandwidth limits, so I have to crack down. So, blame this on the webmaster of the other site that is stealing my bandwidth, not me.

  2. If you were on DDT Digest, likely you are having this problem due to a personal firewall on your computer. For example, if you are using Norton Internet Security 2004, if you are not permitting websites to know your information about visited sites, officially known "Private Header Information", DDT Digest pictures will no longer appear. That is because my web server will have no way to know that your request for a picture is coming from within a DDT Digest webpage.
    No...I don't really care where else you've been and I'm not personally tracking it. Rather, my webserver, before showing you a picture, confirms that you are getting it from within DDT Digest, and not another website. If you won't let my webserver know that, it will deny you access. Giving my webserver this access is not the same as allowing a cookie. It is only allowing knowledge of what site you are calling the link from, and I am not using that information for anything other than to allow access to the picture.
    If you are having this problem, you should be able to make an exception specifically for www.ddtdigest.com in your settings. (For those of you who are also fans of Ernie's House Of Whoop Ass pop-up photos or the City of Saint Paul Prostitution Photos page, you will have a similar issue there.)
    Sorry about this, but I don't really have a choice if I want to keep DDT Digest up with the same content without my charges going up.

    Click here to see a picture of the settings if you are using Norton.

    Click here to see a picture of the settings if you are using Zone Labs Integrity Firewall.

    If you are not using either of those products, modify your firewall accordingly to allow Private Header Information to be read by www.ddtdigest.com.


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