Movie Review: My Breakfast With Blassie
Movie Review: My Breakfast With Blassie

In a word...different.

I should start off by saying that, generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of independent films. Probably the only "independent film" I've ever seen that I liked was Clerks, and that's because, independent or not, it was a great movie. My Breakfast With Blassie was, well, different.

The movie starts off with Andy Kaufman taking a ride on the city bus to Sambo's in L.A. to meet Freddie Blassie for breakfast. The rest of the film, except for the ending which was snippets of Kaufman's bus ride back, was a sixty minute film of Kaufman and Blassie having breakfast in a restaurant. A graphic came on in the beginning stating that the restaurant employees and customers were "playing themselves" and, thus, were not plants. I had my doubts by the end of the movie.

Certainly, Kaufman and Blassie gave the appearance of not knowing one another well at all, more having breakfast as acquaintances rather than friends, and the conversation was all over the place. They talked about breakfast food, hygiene, and being famous. It was all over map. Generally, both of them came off as obnoxious to the other patrons and the employees of the restaurant.

Aside from the rambling conversation, there were two high points, such as they were. The first was a table of women sitting behind Kaufman and Blassie. One of them got an autograph from Kaufman, and Blassie told Kaufman he shouldn't have given it to her. Kaufman starts giving her dirty looks and a verbal fight ensues. Later on, Kaufman tries to pick up one of the girls at the table.

Ralph!At the very end, and appropriately ending the breakfast, is the climax. One of Andy's "fans" comes over to the table, and pulls snot-encrusted objects out of his nose and puts them on the table. The guy goes away, and Andy calls him back a couple minutes later. The guy pulls out a few more things from his nose, and then pukes on the table. Let's just say this is not the film for a first date. After seeing the film, I remembered that the one reader I have that had seen it said that at times it was "disturbing". Now I know why he said that.

So, if you are a big Kaufman fan, and/or you are a big fan of independent films, you will probably find this pretty cool. However, if you are interested in something a little more mainstream, and/or more wrestling related, check out Andy Kaufman: I'm From Hollywood.

For some additional info on the film, big-time Andy Kaufman fan Chuck K. of Kansas City writes:

I am a HUGE Andy Kaufman fan and want to explain this brilliant film to you. First things first. There was only one plant in the film, the nose guy. His name is Bob Zmuda, longtime freind and co-writer of Andy. The four women were not plants; however, Andy did become romantically involved with Lynne. This film was one of Andy's elaborate hoaxes perpetuated by he and Zmuda. The encrusted objects were straw wrappers, and (as to varying reports) the "vomit" was either sour cream, ice cream, or (most widely) cottage cheese.
I absolutely love this movie. I think it is by far one of my favorite Andy films. Everyone should see it. BTW, jeez, Freddie Blassie was an asshole. "I wanna puke in that asshole's face", "There's one more on welfare.","*rubs waitresses pregnant belly* Now I don't have to tip so much."

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