DVD Review: Shawn Michaels - Boyhood Dream

DVD Review: Shawn Michaels - Boyhood Dream

By: Bill

On the same Wal-Mart trip that I picked up the Roddy Piper DVD for $5, I also picked up this one for $5. The DVD title, and cover, was misleading because I thought this was a biopic. Really, all it was is a rerelease of a Coliseum Home Video VHS tape from the 90s on DVD. It's just a compendium of highlights of Shawn Michaels' title matches in 1996. Really, I only found two things interesting about the DVD:

On the flip side, there's lots to not like about this DVD:

The price of this on Amazon is $9.95, and it's eligible for Super Saver Shipping. I was able to get it from the $5 DVD bin in Wal-Mart. Unless you are a huge fan of Shawn Michaels and want to see highlights of his title matches in 1996, this one is a non-starter.

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