What I Found While Cleaning Out My Closet
What I Found While Cleaning Out My Closet

While cleaning out my closet, I found a few gems. I found two autographs and I found programs from two WWF cards I attended, one in 1989 and one in 1991. I've scanned them in for you to see. Also, even better, I found my complete set of WWF trading cards from 1985. I have all 66 of the trading cards and a number of the stickers. (Note: As one reader was "kind" enough to point out, with lots of bad grammar and misspellings, this is a bunch of WWF stuff on what is supposed to be a WCW page. I'm sorry if I'm offending any WCW purists out there. However, I thought even some WCW fans might find this interesting. If you don't like it, don't read it.)

Magazine cover (May, 1974) autographed to me by Bruno. I was at a pro wrestling convention around five years ago in Crystal City, VA and got this from Bruno at an autograph session. This was about two months after he had teamed with Hogan for a match. I told him he shouldn't have teamed with Hogan as Hogan was a stiff and it cheapened Bruno's legend. I didn't make friends with Bruno that day. Note the young Bobby Heenan and Terry Funk on the cover. When I put this on the scanner, I noticed what was on the other side . It's pretty funny. The "after" picture looks like The Gambler after a bout with anorexia.

Photo autographed to me by Killer Kowalski. I got this at the same convention I met Bruno. The convention was not at all well attended. The line for Bruno's autograph was only about five people long and Killer was in another room being more or less ignored. I walked right up, bought a picture, and got an autograph. Killer's getting up there in years but he's physically still a big, imposing man. Personally, he's very nice. Currently, he runs a pro wrestling school in Boston. His star graduate is Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

WWF card at the D.C. Armory, 5/5/89. I remember a couple of specific things about this card. The Ultimate Warrior beat Rick Rude by disqualification and, thus, did not win back the title. I remember everyone grousing about feeling ripped off by the match being a disqualification. I also remember Greg Valentine catching The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) coming off the top rope and powerslamming and pinning him. What was funny about it was that earlier in the week, I had seen the broadcast of a WWF card at Madison Square Garden on the MSG Network. The Blazer/Valentine match I saw at the Armory that night was exactly the same as the one I had seen on TV earlier in the week. Right down to the finish.

WWF card at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD, 10/19/91. On this card, Ric Flair pinned Roddy Piper using the ropes for leverage. A classic WWF screw-job finish. I remember that during the match, Roddy Piper did pause and do his signature two-finger eye poke. My buddy and I went totally nuts and marked out at that point. Notice the advertisement for the 900 number on the program. Yuk!

My WWF Trading Card Collection - I had the complete set of the cards when I first found them, and I've since finished collecting the rest of the stickers.


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