The Downfall Of WCW In Pictures - Introduction

The Downfall Of WCW In Pictures - Introduction

As you may know, we got our first video capture card in March of 1998. We've used it to capture some great moments of WCW, as well as some not-so-great moments.

There are many chuckles in this feature, but also many reminders of why WCW met its demise...some because "I can't believe they did that" but also many where you say "I can't believe they let that guy get away". The pictures are in chronological order.

The HTML presentation here leaves a lot to be desired, but I figured that the pictures speak for themselves.

So, get yourself a cup of hot, scalding coffee (the only kind they serve in WCW)...this will take a while to load.

Note that clicking on the link below will start 2.33M of pictures downloading to your machine. Many thanks to Internet legend CRZ of [Slash Wrestling] who was the original host the pictures, allowing me to present the feature without going over my bandwidth limits. Thanks, CRZ! (Note that [Slash Wrestling] is one of the few wrestling pages out there that has no advertising. Please give it a look.)

Enough me the pictures!

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