Jay Diego & Sugar Picture Gallery
Jay Diego & Sugar Picture Gallery
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Jay's and Sugar's official promotional photos

Sugar relaxing(?) at home
From Jay's first professional match...Jay and his opponent, Chuck Singer, lock up
Jay pulls his opponent out of the corner and sends him across the ring
Jay has his opponent tied up in the corner
Jay with the big backdrop
Jay with the armlock
His opponent returns some punishment with a bodyslam
Face off
Jay with a suplex
Jay with a hip toss
Jay with a back elbow
Jay with a roll up
Jay with a clothesline on another opponent
Jay on the wrong end of a suplex
Jay with the missile dropkick
Jay being held back in the corner
Sugar is concerned outside the ring
Jay with the flying lariat
Jay with the plancha onto the floor
Sugar tends to her man
Jay with the diving headbutt, ala Chris Benoit
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