Jay Diego Update - 2/14/99
Jay Diego Update - 2/14/99

Editor's Note: This is the first of a series of columns where Jay or Sugar will keep us updated on their lives as an up-and-coming independent wrestler and his manager. Updates will be whenever one of them can find time in their hectic schedules.

Let me start off by thanking Bill for keeping my name on the Internet. This web page has needed some updating for a while now, but it seems I'm always busy with something. I guess that's a good thing.

Just to get everybody caught up...last summer, Sugar and I took a little tour of the Northeast. We were living in Philadelphia with a friend of mine...meeting people and hooking up with a few promoters. Sugar was booked for ACCW (now Mason-Dixon Wrestling) in West Virginia...and all in all we had a blast. Worked out with "Pitbulls" Gary Wolfe and Anthony Durante by the week in Jersey...the rest of our time was spent searching for shows and goofing off with my brother from another mother, "Diamond" Dave Donovan. It was a learning experience, and I look forward to spending more time on the road...but not until we get plenty of matches lined up. It ain't easy to catch a good break...just gotta' work hard and try to be seen in every area of the damn country. There are a lot of cliques in this business, promoters and guys who only look out for their close friends...but I've learned there are also a lot of people who appreciate good talent, and wanna help a brotha' out. There's a man by the name of Dylan Summers, for instance, who just recently began running shows (PPWF)...and is one of the best guys you could work for. You learn to appreciate the good things when you bust your ass for so long and people finally take notice. I'm happy with the way things are going, I thank the Lord every night...and I honestly believe in my heart that the girl and I are going places.

In other news...I hear say that Jesse Ventura has promised Minnesota tax payers $1,000 a head!? What the hell is that all about? Oh.. wait a minute.. I'm straying from topic to topic here. Uhh... let's see... (thinking aloud)... oh yeah, I hate guys who call themselves Von Erichs but really aren't.. and profit from the name of a dead wrestling dynasty. No further comments on that matter. I'd like to give props to the late Giant Baba while I have the opportunity. As anyone who has hit this page before will note, I'm a big Japanese wrestling buff.. and I was truly upset to hear of his passing. It will be interesting to see how the All Japan promotion takes things from here.. and how their relations with other companies improve. I guess that's every subject I wanted to cover for now.. ya'll be sure to catch us wherever you see our names posted. Sugar and I work regularly for PPWF, T.O.P.S. out of Mineral Wells,TX... and just about any indy within 1,000 miles of Dallas... so hunt us down. Once again I appreciate the support, welcome any comments... and I'll keep ya'll posted. God bless and keep tokin'!!

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