Jay Diego Update - 4/12/99 & 4/22/99
Jay Diego Update - 4/12/99 & 4/22/99


I've got a lot of crazy stuff to talk about as soon as I get the chance. Just to recap...holding off untill next month to try out for Shawn Michaels, this Wednesday (4/14), Necro Butcher and I will work a show in Nacedoches, TX... where New Jack, Spike Dudley, Dan Severn, Super Crazy, Reckless Youth, and Rey Misterio Sr. are scheduled to appear.
I'm wrestling every weekend for various promotions, most recently hooked up with TWA out of east Texas. I'm heading up north for a few tentative matches with Mayhem in PA, and Mason-Dixon in WV. I'm not going broke this time.. Sugar and I think we know what we're doing. None the less, we're leaving on the 27th and will be back in early May for bookings back home.
Aside from a nagging shoulder injury that will NOT go away, and numerous financial hardships (the indies are a bitch), things are going alright. I'm not about to complain, at least I'm riding out the dream... I just pray I can get somewhere, somehow.. soon. Ugh.


I worked the debut card for MSPW on 4/14. It's an upstart promotion with great promise. Mike Quackenbush, Reckless Youth, New Jack, Spike Dudley and Dan Severn are all in the roster. The show was held in Nacogdoches, TX... and the next event is scheduled for May 5th.. at which I will face Spike Dudley one-on-one. Ticket and location info is available at their web-site.. http://www.mspwonline.com .. and I strongly recommend that you get to this show if you are near the area. I've got a title defense on 4/23 in Gatesville.. from there Sugar and I are heading out on a road trip to the WV/PA area yet again. I will hit ya'll with more news after the trip and the show in Nac. God bless...

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