Jay Diego Update - 5/30/99
Jay Diego Update - 5/30/99


I finally did it... I finally dropped the TOPS cruiserweight title on 5/22. Mission accomplished. I lost to Joey Corman when I missed the headbutt and caught a 450. I had just nailed him with the superplex.. I thought he was mine, damnit! I had a shot at TCW's hardcore title on 5/29 in my debut with the company... but was laid out by the Necro Butcher after the Takaiwa linking powerbombs. We were all over that joint... even hit the parking lot during a thunderstorm. Gotta give props to Damon "The Nomad" Richards and Dexter Hardaway for assisting me in kickin' a little ass.

Next up, you can catch Sugar and I in Pittsburgh, PA on 6/5. I don't have the definites as far as location or the name of the group... but a good friend of mine works with this promotion on a regular basis... so I'm headed straight to his place. The Pitbulls and John Kronus are also scheduled to appear. Upon our return.. it's straight out to Baton Rouge, LA on 6/13. We will make our debut with the upstart DSW promotion... ticket and location info at http://www.angelfire.com/la/DeepSouth/. Public Enemy is also scheduled to appear at that show.. so get on out there.

On a final note, Sugar and I offer our condolences to the Hart family. Owen was one of the best.. gone but not forgotten. God bless.

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