Jay Diego Update: 7/10/99 - 8/1/99
Jay Diego Update: 7/10/99 - 8/1/99

7/10.. teamed with Necro Butcher, TWA in Crockett, TX.. to face Jason Nash and Sid Sexy. We took over early, and were rolling well before Nash almost killed himself while attempting a double springboard moonsault to the floor. (The guy is near 300 lbs.) The match was called on account of the injury... and I mean the guy was laid out. A pool of blood steadily spilled from his head to the floor. A win for Necro and I in my book none the less.. as I pinned Jason in his hospital bed after the match.

7/16 in Gatesville, TX marked the formation of "NC-17". Managed by Sugar, of course, I teamed with Dexter Hardaway to face David Fuller and John Grunden (whom by the way is my sweetheart). With emphasis on team wrestling, we mowed over the two of them... gaining the pinfall on Grunden after the Double Tigerdriver. For those of you unfamiliar with Dexter.. he is a technical standout from Michigan with a great deal of experience at a young age. I will pass down more information on our team as things develop.. a lot of potential here. See it, believe it.. deal with it.

7/31.. at DSW's second show in Denhum Springs, LA.. I exacted a measure of revenge on Guido Buddafuco. After a failed attempt by the Italian vet to nail me with a brief case.. I plowed him with the DDT.. 1-2-3. I want to encourage you guys to hit these DSW shows if you are in the area.. they've got a good thing going.

8/1 was a monumental night. Kearny, Nebraska.. in our debut for the "Bad Boys of Wrestling" (bbow.com) regional promotion.. Sugar made her pro debut. In a cat fight vs. "Melissa".. she got the win after Scott Patrick's attempted interference. DDT.. bam! Sug looked like a million dollars in that ring... and the match itself wasn't bad either. ;) Oh yeah.. and that Diego guy wrassled as well. I faced the ever imposing "New" Dr. X. I have a great deal of respect for the man as a competitor.. and damn did we light 'em up. After the doc hooked me in his Triple X Driver, I was gone. You win some, you lose some. None the less, Sugar and I will continue to work for BBOW.. and are set for their next show in Billings, Montana on 8/18. Should be a blast.

That's to sum it all up boys and girls. We're on the up and up... and I want to thank every promotion that is helping the chick and I to further ourselves professionally. We're en route to establishing ourselves as the Bonnie and Clyde of this sport.. I thank the Lord.. and I thank all who support us. More news and stuff as it comes along ya'll... God bless and keep on tokin'!

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