DVD Review: Cheating Death, Stealing Life - The Eddie Guerrero Story

DVD Review: Cheating Death, Stealing Life - The Eddie Guerrero Story

By: Bill

Right off the top, the most notable thing about watching this DVD has nothing to with the production values of the DVD itself. Rather, it's that the DVD was produced and completed before Eddie Guerrero died. The overall theme of the DVD is so positive, and it's a story of overcoming addictions and keeping your family together. Watching it, all you can think about is the sad irony of how he died soon after it was produced as a result of damage to his body during the period of addicition, yet he was clean and sober at the time he died. I'd be a little surprised if, when/if a second edition is necessary, they don't update the DVD accordingly.

Overall, it's a good high-level overview of his career. There are interview clips with his brothers, his mother, his wife, and his kids. There are match clips. A lot of it is the interviewer talking to Eddie himself in various venues, such as driving by the house he grew up in. It was a lot "lighter" than I thought it would be, in that there weren't really graphic descriptions of how bad things were when he hit bottom. They talk about the car accident, the DUI, the drug addiction as milestones, but not in lurid National Enquirer-style detail.

I didn't watch all the matches, but I have a few notes on the ones I did:

If you are an Eddie Guerrero fan, the DVD is recommended. The story will be interesting to you, and the matches and extras are decent. However, if you are looking for something full of details of when he hit rock bottom (like Steven Regal's book had), you won't find them here.

As of May 2007, this DVD can be purchased new for $23.99 on Amazon. I got an incredible deal on it at my local used bookstore...I got it for two bucks. Given that, I wonder how much the person who sold it to the bookstore got for it.

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