Book Review: King Of The Ring - The Harley Race Story by Harley Race

Book Review: King Of The Ring - The Harley Race Story
by Harley Race

By: Bill

(Editor's Note: This review is being done from memory. It is just a quick "How did I like it?" review without a lot of detail.)

A decent book if you are interested in the life of a professional wrestler from the 1960s onward. Really, Harley's greatest fame was at the tail end of the days when the locker room was ruled by the toughest guy, not the headliner. For me, the thing I liked about it was that it helped me understand what the big deal was about Harley Race was. When I got into pro wrestling in the mid-1980s, Harley was already in the twilight of his career. I was like "Who's this guy? Why was he world champion all those times? He's just a fat guy with an afro and a beard." Now, I understand.

The book really gives you the feeling that Harley is a genuinely tough, no-nonsense guy. However, you also get the feeling that while he is the last guy you want to be messing with, he's not a man with a quick temper. He would be a pretty good guy to have as your next-door neighbor. That's as compared to another tough guy, Ole Anderson. After reading Ole's book, I got the impression he'd kick my ass the first time my dog peed on his lawn.

Highlights to watch for:

As of November 2006, this softcover book can be purchased new for $11.53, and hardcover is $16.47 on Amazon.

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