The Brain and The Living Legend on Harris and the Predictor

The Brain and The Living Legend on Harris and the Predictor

By Ben J.

Interview on November 14 with Bobby the Brain Heenan and Larry Zbyszko on Arrow 94.7 to promote Starrcade, ticket sales starting on November 15 and Bobby and Larry at US Airways Arena on November 15 from 10 to noon. Paul Harris (PH) and Dave the Predictor (DP) are the afternoon drive guys on 94.7 in Washington D.C. Starrcade is being held in the not-yet-opened MCI Center in downtown D.C.

Note: The MCI Center site is pretty cool... they have a virtual panoramic view of how the arena looks from various points in the stadium, including one from center court.

PH: So this is the first wrestling card held in MCI Center, right?

DP: I'd take Hogan over Sting from the Police. This isn't the musician Sting, right? Cause I'd take Hogan over that Sting. Tell me about this Sting.

BH: Sting hasn't been in the ring for a year and a half. Sting was the popular one when Hogan came in. I've been telling people for 20 years what a piece of trash Hogan is. No one seemed to believe me, think I'm just talking. They see what he is now. Hogan sabotaged Sting, turned all the little Stingers against him. Tyson didn't take a punch for three years and he lost, even though he was working out at the Iron Hilton. Sting hasn't been touched in a year and a half. That'll make a big difference.

DP: Hulk Hogan is American's Hero. I'll take Hogan.

LZ: That... that's a misconception. Hogan came in here, ticker tape parades, and everyone booed him out of existence. I don't know if they saw his movies or if they know the guy...

PH: I think they saw his TV series...

BH: Thunder in the men's room... He just had a movie on TV... Assault on Devil's Island. And if you watch it twice, it's called Assault On Your Intelligence.

PH: So this whole Hulk Hogan thing is over after Starrcade, right?

LZ: No. Hogan formed the New World Order, and Hogan wants the NWO to be wrestling. Hogan wants to be the one and only immortal Hulk Hogan.

BH: When you get that kind of ego... if someone else is getting his hand raised, in the spotlight, he can't stand that.

PH: Bobby, you worked with Andre the Giant, right? Was it like an all you can eat buffet all the time?

BH: No. Andre never ate that much. He had the Giant's Disease where his organs didn't grow, but his body did. That's why he only lived to age 47. He ate in the morning...French restaurants...where the people knew him. He hated people...was very mean and cruel to them.

BH: The director of The Princess Bride told me that that's not Andre at the end riding on the horse. It's some guy in a huge padded suit. The government over there... some animal rights group... wouldn't let him on a horse.

LZ: Well, he weighed more than the horse!

BH: When he died, he was cremated, but France didn't have a crematorium big enough. So they flew him back to the United States and his ashes weighed 16 pounds!

PH: Sixteen pounds of ashes?!?!?! How much did he weigh?

BH: Well, we didn't know because we had to go to a truck stop to weigh him. The last time was at a meat place and he was 550.

PH: You had to fly him from place to place...

BH: We could fly first class... the arms would come up and out. He'd fly to Japan for 12 hours and never leave his seat and never went to the men's room.

DP: That little blanket couldn't have done him much good.

PH: Larry, you go back to Bruno Sammartino, right?

LZ: The Sammartino feud was my claim to fame when I retired him in Shea Stadium.

PH: What was it like fighting in a stadium?

LZ: Fans might say "Man, this is huge," but I didn't even think that way. I was thinking about Bruno Sammartino and "Man, this is going to be tough."

PH: Not too many football players in the Super Bowl are thinking about the crowd and what a great stadium this is.

BH: When I managed Andre, we wrestled Hogan in the Pontiac Silverdome. We had 93,000. When we got out there, it was just another big building.

BH: And here's another piece of news... on Monday Nitro, Eric Bischoff announced Bret Hart joined the NWO.

LZ: Don't believe it. Scott Hall's been running way from my challenge... don't believe anything Bischoff says.

DP: Don't believe anything Bischoff says, but I'm still picking Hogan at this Starrcade event.

PH: Hey, can you do one more thing? Do one of those Mean Gene know, where you look at the camera and say "I'm gonna take on you, and Hernan..."

BH: They usually tell you that you have a two minute interview and your opponent is Zbyszko. So you go out there and Gene will introduce you and get cute with you and Gene'll try to eat up all your time. So that's why guys go "Tommorow night I'm gonna be here at the mid-Southern Coliseum." You only got so much time because this little bald-headed geek took up all your time.

LZ: Yeah, waiting for you to call the hotline.

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