The History of WCW
The History of WCW

By MG (

One of the regular DDT Digest readers, MG, has volunteered to dig through old wrestling magazines and websites and put together a history of WCW. I felt this would be a good addition to DDT Digest, as all of our detail is from the Bischoff era forward. Other than passing references, DDT Digest really hasn't had a lot about the early history of WCW from the days of Jim Crockett, Jim Herd and Bill Watts.

MG will be putting these pieces together over time, and I will post them as they become ready.

(Note that any opinions reflected in this feature are not necessarily the opinions of DDT Digest, and DDT Digest does not vouch for the veracity of this particular feature.)

Note from MG: I would like to dedicate this series of articles to the memory of my friend and fellow WCW fan, Wes. I'm ending this article with the signature that he used when he posted on newsgroups.

"We like beatin' people up coz it makes us feel soft and cuddly inside."
The Road Warriors

"So you wanna be a bigshot, eh, and be on my show?
Piper to Snuka before bashing him in the head with a coconut.

"Paranoia is just reality on a finer scale."
Strange Days

RIP Wes / ML2.1K

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