WCW Version II
WCW Version II

Editor's Note: As we approach the April 10th, 2000 Nitro, WCW is fresh from an unprecedented "week off". Rumors are rampant that everything from the last few months will have "never happened", and it's being reported that the last year may be treated as if it was "just a dream", ala the season following Bobby Ewing's "death" on Dallas.

I got an e-mail from Jeff S. in Pittsburgh, PA that is a scenario for a possible opening for this "very special edition of Nitro" on April 10th. I enjoyed it, so I thought I'd pass it along.

Here's his e-mail, in its entirety:

The WCW website has "feedback" section where they are asking fans to write in and sound off on what they would like to see on the "new" Bischoff/Russo Monday Nitro. I sent this in as a suggestion. I thought you might get a kick out of it:

Start off the show with an overhead view of Sting sleeping in a bed, face up, eyes closed. Close up of the Stinger's face--it is painted in many colors, like in the good old days, and his hair is cropped short in a flat top and is dyed blonde.

After a few seconds of watching him sleep, his eyes open abruptly. There is a sudden look of terror on his face when his eyes open, but that look fades quickly when he sees he is in his own room and in his own bed. He lets out a sigh of relief.

He sits up. He throws his arms out, stretching them out far and wide, and takes a deep breath. While rubbing the cobwebs out of his eyes, he says, "Oh, man. What a dream. Hollywood, the nWo, the Wolfpack, the Package...I mean, Lex, had a whole five minutes to pose ... What a nightmare."

Now we go to a first person view, seeing the room through Sting's eyes. We get a nice view of the Stinger's bedroom: there is a mirror just across the room right in front of the bed, and we can see a dresser next to the mirror.

On the other side of the mirror is an open closet. We can see some colorful ring jackets, some wrestling boots, and some Zubaz pants hanging in the closet. All is as it should be.

Sting looks at his clock on the dresser and it reads 10:45 a.m. There is a yellow Post-It note stuck on the clock. It reads, "Today: Chest, back. 11:30. Our gym. Be there. -- PACKAGE". Sting mumbles, "Right. Whatever, Lex." and is ready to prepare to go to his morning workout.

However, as we all suspect by now, that will never happen. As Sting twists his head back and forth to get the kinks out of his neck, he (and all of us) catch a glimpse of two figures sitting on the sofa right next to his bed. Sting does a quick and abrupt double take, in order to see just who the heck is sitting on his couch.

Unmistakably, it is "Los Fabulosos", and they are staring right back at Sting with two teeth-baring grins the size of Mexico. They are clad in their "Power Rangers" garb, and are seated in the same posture, with their arms' resting comfortably in their laps while one leg is neatly folded over the other. Widening their grins just a little more, they both raise their eyebrows twice, as if to say "good morning."

Sting, now completely stunned and even horrified, manages to utter, "Wait a second!! You guys are from ... but ... you guys aren't supposed to ... what are luchadores doing in my ... this is impossible!!!" and as quick as a Stinger Splash, he throws the covers off, jumps out of bed, and madly bolts for the bedroom door. As he does so, the Fabulosos' heads pivot, but their expressions and positions stay exactly the same.

Sting scrambles to push open the door, and in his haste, he pushes so hard that he goes through the door and falls flat on his face. His face falls right into a shiny pair of dress shoes. Ready to defend himself, as no one else SHOULD be in his house right now except him, he springs up into a standing position with the quickness and agility of a cat. He looks into the man's eyes, and recognizes him as Ralphus. Ralphus is dressed in a three-piece suit, but with only a "half-top" so that the bottom is missing and his belly is showing. Ralphus calmly inquires, "The usual, sir?" and Sting starts to feel a little dizzy. Sting passes out.

As Sting fades into unconsciousness, we fade to black. Fade in WCW logo and Nitro beginning.

You guys take it from there...

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