DVD Review: Born To Controversy - The Roddy Piper Story

DVD Review: Born To Controversy - The Roddy Piper Story

By: Bill

In short, a very entertaining DVD. I've never been the world's biggest Roddy Piper fan, but the 90-minute biopic feature definitely held my interest the entire time. The interview segments with Piper's contemporaries were very well done. Other than Bruce Prichard and Piper himself, no one particular person got a lot of screen time, but they were all good segments. As for Piper, it's interesting how in some interview clips he is frenetic, and in others he is laid back.

I liked that fact that as far as I can tell, all of his really high-profile matches are included in the DVD set. Most notably, the infamous dog collar match against Greg Valentine at Starrcade 1983 and all of Piper's big Wrestlemania appearances are there.

Watching Piper's matches convinces me that he was the first "'tweener". As a heel, he would do babyface moves, which no heels were doing in the early 1980s. For example, reversing a head slam into the turnbuckle. Sometimes, people will posit that The Four Horsemen are the first 'tweeners, but I think that Piper was first, and the Horsemen weren't really 'tweeners. The Horsemen were heels that worked really hard and thus got respect from the fans, but they didn't ever do babyface moves.

It's funny to compare this to the Coliseum Home Video videotapes from the 1980s. I remember watching a WWF-produced videotape with Roddy Piper as the subject from back then, and it was night and day difference. That videotape was totally about his WWF career, and Piper was in character the entire time. He even interviewed himself on the tape.

Some other notable things about this DVD:

There were definitely a few things I did not like about the DVD:

The price of this on Amazon is $9.49, and it's eligible for Super Saver Shipping. I was able to get it from the $5 DVD bin in Wal-Mart. If you're someone who was a big WWF fan in the 1980s and/or you are a big Roddy Piper fan, this is worth your time and money (especially if you can get it for $5), subject to the caveats noted above. And, on a comical note, I should admit that as a result of watching this DVD, I did put the movie They Live on my Amazon wish list.

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