Book Review: Walking A Golden Mile - William Regal

Book Review: Walking A Golden Mile - William Regal

By: Bill

In a word: "Wow".

This book was very, very different than I expected. While the book had a lot about William Regal's childhood and its share of road stories, the focus of the book was really on Regal's drug addiction and the depths of physical and mental despair he went to as a result of it.

While it was a great book, a lot of it was very sad. It's rather depressing to read about someone literally passing out in alleys like a bum, especially when you admire that person. The actual amount of drugs he was taking at his worst was totally unbelievable. I give the author a lot of credit for noting in the book that he doesn't go into detail about the quantity of drugs to impress anyone. Rather, it's serving as a warning.

One of the more amazing things about the book is that he puts the blame for all his problems squarely on himself, and no one else. Books like this don't tend to go that way and that was a refreshing change.

If I had to pick out one thing that I didn't like about the book, it was the fact that Regal effectively nominates Vince McMahon for sainthood. In the bigger picture, that's got to be expected to some extent, since a book that is published by the WWE is going to have to tow the party line. And, hey...what do I know? Vince McMahon could, in fact, be the greatest guy in the world. (Certainly, he was very nice to me the one time I met him.) Just the same, the portrayal of Vince McMahon is extremely one-sided.

Highlights to watch for:

The book is recommended, as long as you know what you're getting into. While William Regal has recovered and is upbeat at the end, it is not a "feel good" book. It is about the depths of drug addiction and it is actually a great book for a teenage wrestling fan about dangers of drugs. If you are looking for a "shoot" book that's going to bury everyone that the author doesn't like (like Ole Anderson's autobiography), it's best for you to look elsewhere. He's mostly positive when he talks about others, much like JJ Dillon's autobiography, and he doesn't name names on many of his negative stories. This is a book about William Regal's life, and only William Regal's life, but it is a powerful story.

As of November 2006, this book can be purchased new for $12.48 on Amazon.

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