DVD Review: The American Dream - The Dusty Rhodes Story

DVD Review: The American Dream - The Dusty Rhodes Story

By: Bill

This was another very well-produced DVD by the WWE. The most interesting thing for me about the DVD overall is that they track Dusty Rhodes' career as he moved through the various territories...even panning over a map city-to-city. It was an interesting nod to the territorial nature of pro wrestling prior to the WWF takeover.

As the WWE is wont to do with these biopics, they tend to have quotes out of nowhere with people who have no connection with the subject whatsoever. Apparently, the interviewees were in the building and needed something to do. The most notable of these is Steven Regal. Their only connection is really Rhodes giving Steven Regal his original gimmick and, regardless of how much I like Steven Regal, Regal's interview segements seem really out of place. (Plus, he seems totally out of it.) Others are HHH, the Big Show, and a couple guys I've never even heard of. However, on the flip side, I need to give credit where credit is due. They interviewed some people with connections to Dusty early in his career, such as Mike Graham and Superstar Billy Graham, that provided some incredible insight. Of all people on the DVD, with the exception of Dusty and Dustin, Mike Graham was the one person that was really critical for this DVD.

Some notable things about this DVD:

A lot of extras are at the end...it's a three-disk set. There are a lot of promos in addition to a lot of matches, which is entirely appropriate in Dusty Rhodes' case. If you are a Dusty Rhodes fan, the extras alone make this DVD set worth it (currently $19.49 on Amazon). Even if you're not a fan of him personally, the biopic is interesting for the insight it gives you into one of the major players of the 1970s and 1980s.

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