Book Review: Ric Flair - To Be The Man

Book Review: Ric Flair - To Be The Man

By: Bill

(Editor's Note: This review is being done from memory. It is just a quick "How did I like it?" review without a lot of detail.)

This is a really good book if you are a Ric Flair fan. It really gives the full view of his life. It really helps you sort out what "facts" about his life were fake publicity, and what facts were true. If you are just a fan of professional wrestling and not particularly interested in Ric Flair, it's a decent, but not stellar, book.

The thing I found most notable is that he really did live the life of Ric Flair. While he didn't necessarily wear a robe and feather boa to PTA meetings, he did live the life, often at substantial personal and financial cost. He is what he is...he doesn't seem like a particularly "approachable" person but I guess that is the aura you need to survive when you are famous.

Something that I saw throughout this book, and sometimes saw in Ole Anderson's book, is how the storylines were often intertwined with real life outside the ring. For example, when Ric Flair was embroiled in the "mental patient" storyline in WCW, he was on the verge of a breakdown in his personal life.

Highlights to watch for:

The book is very, very recommended if you are a Ric Flair fan. However, if you are more interested in the business side of professional wresting, Ole Anderson's or Harley Race's books might be a better choice.

As of November 2006, this hardcover book can be purchased new for $17.16 on Amazon.

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