DVD Review: The Life and Death of The Road Warriors

DVD Review: The Life and Death of The Road Warriors

By: Bill

This is a 2-DVD set, with the first disc containing a nearly 2-hour main biopic and a few matches and features, and the second disc containing all matches and features. All in all, a very enjoyable DVD set with a few emotional moments. In addition to main feature of the DVD, the extras contain a lot of really good matches that span the career of The Road Warriors.

As for the interview segments, Paul Ellering is definitely out there. I don't know if he was purposely in character for his interviews, but he was out there. Other than that, pretty much everyone was straight up and down-to-earth in their interview segments. Animal was the star of the show, and he was very enjoyable. Barry Darsow (Krusher Kruschev, Blacktop Bully, Demolition Smash, Repo Man) got a lot of air time due to his pre-wrestling connection to the Road Warriors in addition to his connection to them in the business, and he was very articulate. The biggest surprise was Michael Hayes. Much like Tully Blanchard on the Horsemen DVD, with each interview segment, I was more and more impressed with how knowledgeable, funny, and downright entertaining Michael Hayes was. By the end of the DVD, I would actually perk up whenever one of his segments came on because you knew it was going to be something good. (There is one exception to that, which I'll note later.) Jim Cornette was really good, but I was a little surprised they didn't have Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey or Stan Lane on, as there was a lot of time dedicated to the Road Warriors' feud with the Midnight Express.

Some notable things about this DVD:

If you are a totally new fan to wrestling and not familiar with the Road Warriors in their heyday, this DVD may be lost on you. However, if you were a fan back in the 1980s like I was, it will definitely hold your interest and it will be worth your time to watch.. At that point, it comes down to cost.

As for getting this DVD, it was on my Amazon wish list forever. I put it on a year or two ago, then it went out ot stock, and then it went to permanently unavailable. It may be totally out of print. However, there are quite a few people on eBay selling brand-new factory-sealed copies. I got mine for $12.98 plus $6.95 shipping. If you are patient, you can probably do better, but you shouldn't have a problem getting this delivered to your door for twenty bucks or less.

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