Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign...

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign...

By The Readers Of DDT Digest

In preparation for my attendance at the March 26th Thunder in Fairfax, VA, I asked my readers to send in ideas for signs. I got an incredible response. As a result, I thought I'd put the best ones out here. Feel free to use these at the next show you attend.

Signs That Will Get You On TV

"Syxx fears the postman" - Wyeth
"Deep-Syxxed" - Xavier Doom
"Hogan: Best Before 02/88" - Xavier Doom
"We Miss You, Arn" - Bill
"Rehire Buddy Landel" - Bill
"La Parka Es Mi Papa" (while wearing a La Parka mask) - Bill
"Jerichoholics Anonymous" - Don N.
"Flair/Anderson 2000" - Don N.
"White Thunder: Steiner Recliner. Kevin Nash: Lazy Boy." - Don N.
"Will Job For Food" - Todd B.
"The Giant Fears Juan Valdez" - Anonymous
"Bring Back The Ding-Dongs" - Doug H.
"Dusty Fears Slim Fast" - Sir Psycho
"Buffets Fear Dusty" - Jason K.
"Tiger Woods Fears Larry Z." - Jason K.
Fall" - Anonymous
"Raven Plays Polo" - Todd B.
"Syxx Went Postal" - Dan P.
"I Paid To See A.A." - Dan P.
"Bring Back The Tag Titles" - jwam
"Spay Ernest Miller" - Wade
"Hooked On Dustybonics" - Wade
"Syxx: Pack" - Adam D.
"Wolf 3:59" - Nicolas Seafort
"The Guy Behind Me Can't See" - Chris D.
"Raven Fears His Comb" - Connie B.
"sWo: Spice World Order" - Clayton L.
"Ed Leslie: Man of 1,004 Gimmicks" - Greg W.
"" - About ten different people
"Syxx: From Fed-Ex to DX" - J.D.S.
"Hey, Tony, it's the Booty Man" - Russell Tharp
"Will Job For Liz" - Brian E.
"Unmask Malenko" - jhkim
"Flair Put My Ass In This Seat" - Ed B.
"Outsiders Fear The Mulkeys" - Ed B.
"Dyslexia 6:13" - Ed B.
"Got Steroids?" (while Scott Steiner is in the ring) - Travis L.
"The Giant Fears Kleenex" - J. Garrett

And, my all time favorite...

"Why WCW? One Word: Gobbledygooker" - Don N.

Although I might counter with...

"Why WWF? One Word: Robocop"

Signs That Will Get Confiscated

"Bischoff Fears Workrate" - Chris H.
"Bring Back Blading" - Todd B.
"Hogan Is My Great Grandfather" - Allen D.
"White Thunder: Those Weren't Tic Tacs" - Charlie P.
"Chyna Can Write Her Name In The Snow" - Adam C.

And, my all time favorite...

"Syxx? Nein!" - Don N.

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