Help Keep DDT Digest Online
Help Keep DDT Digest Online

As many of you know, while the site doesn't cost nearly as much to keep online as it did in its heyday, the costs for keeping this online are still coming out of my personal pocket since, as always, DDT Digest is 100% ad-free. For those of you that are curious as to the order of magnitude, while the cost to keep DDT Digest online every year is not "four digits", it's very deep into "three digits". There's near 100M of stuff out here, and 7G of traffic every month. For those of you who want to help defray the costs of keeping DDT Digest online every month, especially you readers from back in the early days who have been enjoying DDT Digest for several years, I've provided an easy way to donate a dollar or two to the cause. If you wish to contribute via PayPal to keep DDT Digest on the air, click below.
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