WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday, 01/22/98

WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday 01/22/98

By Bill

Mike S. sends the following arena report:
First off, we had a DDT Digest and Charlie and Chan's "Play Some Skynyrd" sign, but we were never in a close-up view of the camera. After watching the tape, viewers didn't miss much.
During the commercial break for Benoit and Jericho, Jericho got on the mike and told the crowd they all sucked. He went on and on until the break was over. Also, and I couldn't believe they didn't show the end of this, but after Raven jumped Benoit after the match, he tried to drop the double armed DDT, Benoit reversed it and totally punked Raven. Raven couldn't get in a single shot after this, and Benoit walked out triumphantly.
Martel got booed more than most of the heels.Nobody in the crowd had any idea that Martel had been thrown through the glass door.
Nothing important happened after the cameras went off at the end. The Giant continued destroying the ring, and Nash climbed in to help Hall get out, and then Luger and Giant followed Hall and Nash out. That was it.
Final note: We've sold out three Nitros, one Thunder, and a few house shows, we want a PPV! We only seat about 7000, but there's someone in every seat and we make a lot of noise.

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