WCW Monday Nitro - Monday 01/26/98

By Chan and Charlie

Kiwi, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, sends this arena report:
Just got back from nitro, it was pretty good, but I was let down that Ric Flair wasn't there. Goldberg is huge, what I don't understand is how Goldberg can spank Mongo in less than two minutes, but Mongo gets better matches. There wasn't much happening between takes.

Lodi and Kidman found a nice looking girl in the front row and begin to make kissy faces at her, she then grabs her boyfriend and gives him a big kiss, Lodi and Kidman then sit down.

I'm not sure how much was shown on TV after Sting came out of the rafters, but Macho is carried out of the ring by the ref after being taunted by Hall and Hogan. Hall and Hogan start to leave the ring but return for a tag match with Sting and Lex. Lex racks Hall and Sting puts a scorpion deathlock on Hogan. After Hall and Hogan get spanked, they leave the ring, Sting begins to mock Hall by making jestures at his crotch and jumping up and down. The crowd laughed.

Not much else happened interesting.

Goldberg rules!

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