WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday, 02/12/98

WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday 02/12/98

By Bill

Jeremy M. from Oklahoma State sends in the following arena report:

Thunder was great. I totally "marked" out for every match. It is much more fun that way! Bill Goldberg got the biggest pop of the night (he is from Oklahoma) followed by Sting, Benoit, DDP, Luger, and Flair. I love watching wrestling on TV but it was even more fun live. We had terrible seats but it was awesome. I watched the first hour of the replay when I got home and noticed that they left out things that happened after the matches like when after Meng went nuts, Jimmy Hart escorted both the Barbarian and Hugh Morrus back to the dressing room, making everybody think that they were new partners. Also, you are left in the dark when angles develop backstage; nobody knew why Raven would attack Mortis.

The Oklahoma City fans were great.There were many Lodi, Raven, and Hogan sucks chants, but everybody was into the matches, even Iaukea vs. Kidman. I really hope they come back next year. I was also glad to see the "major" players like Sting, Hogan, Savage Luger, Flair, DDP. Thunder usually only has a few stars. I didn't even know that Louie Spicolli invaded the set because we were totally blocked off from the set. It is clear that Benoit is the best thing going today. His match with Raven drew the most OOOHs and AHHHHHs from the crowd and I have to hand it to Flair...he sells moves like nobody's business. I feel privileged that I got to see him "Walk that aisle" in person!!!!

Marshal H. of East Central University of Oklahoma sends in the following arena report:

I was at the Oklahoma City show last night and there were some things that happened that you didn't get to see. I sat right by Raven's Nest and before then I really didn't like them. Now I think they are hilarious. Lodi had some great signs. One said "Pat Magroyn for Prez" and during one break both he and Kidman got in the ring and a person was holding a sign that said "I shot my loadie on Raven" and then Lodi was pointing their own sign that said "You are stupid" back at them. He also had a sign that said, "My sign is better than yours".

In a wrestling tidbit, Meng walked back to the dressing room by himself and left Barbarian and the Mouth at the ring. Also, if you didn't notice it looked like Benoit busted his lip a little bit. It was also awsome how Goldberg put Glacier up and then took is arm off of him and just held Glacier by the neck.

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