WCW Monday Nitro - Monday 02/16/98

By Chan and Charlie and Matt

Brian K. sends the following arena report:

I just attended Nitro in Tampa. Here are some of the details.

My friend Matt and I had two of our three signs taken away by a Keystone Cop. One said Flock You, and the other said Bubba Kicks Ass (Bubba being Bubba The Love Sponge, a local radio DJ). About 20 signs were taken away that I saw. One being my favorite which said Eric Bischoff takes it up the @$$. We did get to keep our Give Kidman A Belt sign though. You could see both of us almost all night long about seven rows up and near the aisle. I was wearing a grey shirt and black Bud cap and Matt was wearing a #95 steelers shirt holding up our Kidman sign.

Dark Match had two guys (locals I think, I never heard the names) wrestle a fairly short and dumb match.

Penzer does the no throwing of objects, etc,.

Hogan is booed loudly in the arena, almost deafening.

As Goldberg is coming out I leaned over to my friend and said this match will last one minute and sure enough it did. Goldberg probably got the biggest pop of the night.

The Sick Boy match was so-so, no one in the crowd got too excited over it.

Hall/Nash was next and from in the building the nWo definitely took the survey. When Grunge was powerbombed it had to be the second loudest sound of the night.

Mike Enos-Barry Horowitz sucked as bad live as it did on TV.

Never saw the Bulldog-McMichael incident in the arena.

Me and my friend seemed to be the only one in our section who wanted La Parka to win, and we were obviously disappointed but it is always fun to see the Stone Cold Chartbuster.

Matt and I were both marking out bad to Kidman when he came out. We got his attention and he saw our sign and he gave us a very discreet thumbs up. Made though whole night worth it. We were totally disappointed with the outcome.

We were hoping to see the Raven/DDPoop match and were let down, can't wait 'til Thunder.

The Meng/Barbarian Match was the only one I called wrong. I can't believe Meng lost.

Never paid attention to the Saturn match since Disco didn't wrestle, but was disappointed another member of the Flock lost.

When Hennig and Rude were in the ring we tried to get Rude to notice our fingers forming the triple threat sign but didn't happen. I didn't get to see this part of the replay but in person Hennig's shoulders were both down so shouldn't they both lose?

During the break, Kidman and Lodi came over to where Boggs was sitting and started making fun of him with Lodi pitching a fake ball and Kidman striking out. Then before they came back, Kidman got Lodi's attention and showed him our sign maybe he will copy it soon.

Steiners came out and I told my friend "Look, Scott has no neck" to which he replied "Hey, you are right". Also reminds me of a sign that said Rick + Roid Steiner.

Me and Matt were both disappointed with the outcome of the Martel/Booker T match. We got the First "Martel Sucks" chant going though.

The Bret interview was stupid and I kinda figured he would get jumped but didn't expect Ric to come to his aid. Also, as we were standing outside to get in we saw some guy in a trench coat go by but couldn't figure out who it was then Matt realized who it was when he came out to talk to Bret.

The Guerrero/Jericho vs. Malenko/Benoit was definitely match of the night. When Benoit hit Guerrero with the swan dive that had to be the loudest impact of the night. Definitely a 5 star match.

Buffer came out and got a friggin' huge pop. What for I don't know...I think he is kinda' stupid.

I think everyone knew how the match was gonna' end and it ended exactly that way. A DQ.

Seeing as this was only my second live event and Matt's first we both thought it was an excellent show with the only downsides being Kidman losing and the typical DQ ending for the main event.

Anyway that's the way I saw it.

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