WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday, 02/19/98

WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday 02/19/98

By Bill

Felix S. was at the show and has this arena report:

I just got back from Thunder and here is what happened when the show ended.

Sting, Luger, AND SAVAGE (IT REALLY WAS HIM) are in the ring and Savage gets the mike. He challenges the nWo to a 6 man and Hogan in turn says "Why not take on all of us." They did and the whole nWo hit the ring. It was your basic face squash with Sting getting the deathlock on Hogan and Luger racking Hennig. All during the exchange, Bagwell had on a Sting mask and was doing a funny as hell impression. After Sting, Savage, and Luger beat the snot out of the nWp, they were all doing the Scott Hall point to each other and Sting was having a fit doing the crotch chop. I guess this inks Savage's face turn at Superbrawl where he most likely will cost Hogan the belt.

In the opening dark match, Evan Courageous lost to Christian Taylor (must be getting a try-out). I had never seen Taylor and he looked alright. He hit one move that was going to be a spinebuster but turned into a Belly-To-Belly.

The attack on Savage was taped at about 4 or 5 because I got to the arena at about 5:30 and asked a guy who has entered the arena and he said The nWo just beat the crap out of Luger and Savage.

I also saw Psycosis go into the entrance but he was unmasked and it took me a while to figure out who he was. He also had an nWo shirt on.

Biggest pops of the night go to Goldberg (I was cheering the crap out of Finley), DDP, Benoit, Booker T, and Sting.

I had brought a sign that was an ad for Living Dangerously but as I was walking with it, some drunk ass redneck yelled at me and I was freaking out. I also had about 30 small flyers for Living Dangerously but no one wanted them.

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