WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 3/23/98

By Chan and Charlie

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Andrew B. from Louisville, KY, sends this arena report:

Well, I have now attended my first WCW show, and a Nitro none the less. If anything, I now have a new appreciation for the live audience at Nitro. Commercial breaks are BORING! I've been to 3 previous WWF shows (2 house shows and a TV taping), but this was so much different. Anyway, enough of that....

  • All in all, it was really fun, and if Nitro ever returns, I'm going again. My favorite match? Surprisingly, Sting vs. DDP. Both of them are average workers, but they worked well together and looked good. However, Benoit vs. Booker T was a close second, and if Benoit'd won the belt, it would get my vote for my favorite match.

    James Thornsberry sends this arena report:

    Danny F. sends this arena report:

    The stadium was packed, and the Giant is HUGE.

    Also, I saw Prince Iaukea outside dressed in street clothes and he autographed my ticket stub. All in all, it was well worth the $25 dollar admission. Also, I don't know whether they showed this on TNT, but Scott Steiner got on the top rope after his match and flipped off the crowd.

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