Spring Stampede '98 Predictions

Collated By Alex S.

Just like Uncensored, the entire staff is in agreement on three of the matches. Theoretically, that would imply a lock, but we only went 2 for 3 on those "no-brainers" last time.

Match Chan Charlie Cubs Fan Bill Wade Jesse G. Alex S.
Chavo Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon M.I.A. Chavo w/ whatever his finisher is Ultimo, Eddie interferes Ultimo when Eddie keeps Chavo from winning Ultimo when Eddie keeps Chavo from winning Chavo w/ Tornado DDT Chavo after Eddie's interference backfires
Goldberg vs. Saturn M.I.A. Goldberg via Jackhammer Goldberg Goldberg w/ Jackhammer Goldberg Goldberg w/ Jackhammer Usual
Davey Boy Smith vs. Curt Hennig M.I.A. Hennig w/ Hennig-Plex Hennig Davey Boy via pinfall w/ Bret Hart help Davey Boy Smith w/ crawling Powerslam Hennig via Perfect-Plex Davey Boy Smith w/ Powerslam
Crusierweight Champ Chris Jericho vs. Prince Makamaki M.I.A. Jericho via People's Tamer Jericho, Dean and Rey show Jericho via Liontamer Jericho via Liontamer Jericho via Liontamer Jericho via Liontamer
Lex Luger & Rick Steiner vs. Scott Steiner & Buff M.I.A. Lex & Rick via DQ after nWo "B" interferes Buff & Scott Buff & Scott, Rick takes the fall Luger racks Scott for the win Luger racks Scott Luger racks Buff
TV Champ Bookert T vs. Chris Benoit M.I.A. Benoit w/ crossface Benoit Benoit w/ crossface Benoit b/c we all dream the impossible dream Benoit w/ Crossface Benoit w/ Crossface
US Champ DDP vs. Raven M.I.A. Raven w/ Evenflow DDT Raven w/ Jake Roberts help Raven after Page takes a bad shot Raven after Jake Roberts interference Raven w/ Flock's help DDP, then he beats Goldberg on Nitro
Bat Match:Rowdy Roddy Piper & Giant vs. Hogan & Nash M.I.A. No contest Piper turns nWo No winner Nash takes out all three Piper turns nWo and friction between Nash & Hogan all a ruse Hogan & Nash after Piper turns nWo Hogan and Nash after Piper turns Piper turns and the Giant beat all three of them
World Champ Sting vs. Macho Man Randy Savage M.I.A. Sting via Scorpion Deathlock Sting, Hogan runs in Ric Flair pins Sting with the help of the Horsemen and is new World Champ Savage w/interference from Nash Sting via Hogan interference Sting

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