WCW {Pro} - Saturday, 06/27/98

WCW {Pro} - Saturday, 06/27/98

By David C., Todd S., and Aldo D.

With Chan and Charlie giving up their Nitro spot, Wade has been "promoted" to Monday Nitro and Jesse G. is now doing WCW Saturday Night. That left the {Pro} spot open.

I held an open tryout for writers. Two of which submitted a report on the 6/27 {Pro} and one who did an arena report for last Monday's edition of Nitro. So, here they are. I've posted their HTML with no reformatting, spelling corrections nor grammar corrections. You're seeing it in its raw form. The newest member of the staff will be debuting this weekend.

David C.'s 6/27 {Pro} Report
Todd S.'s 6/27 {Pro} Report
Aldo D.'s 6/29 Nitro Arena Report

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