Bash At The Beach '98 Predictions

Collated By Alex S.

Match Bill Cubs Fan Alex Wade Jesse Aldo
Raven vs. Saturn Saturn Raven when Kanyon returns the favor from Thunder Raven after flock interferes Saturn w/ DVD Raven w/ evenflow Raven
Kevin Greene vs. Giant Giant Giant Kevin Greene w/ Goldberg's help Greene by screwjob Greene w/ Goldberg's help Greene by DQ after nWo Hollywood run-in
Chavo vs. Eddie Guerrero-Hair vs. Hair Eddie Eddie, but both men lose some hair Chavo Eddie via frog splash Chavo Eddie
Crusierweight Champ Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. Jericho Mysterio w/ help from Malenko Mysterio Mysterio for belt, Malenko interferes Mysterio Mysterio
TV Champ Booker T vs Bret Hart Bret Hart wins title after Stevie Ray interference backfires Booker T when Stevie Ray interferes Bret Hart w/ Stevie Ray's help Hart by DQ, Booker T keeps belt Hart by DQ after Stevie Ray interferes Hart w/ help from Stevie Ray
World Champ Goldberg vs. Curt Hennig Goldberg after Spear & Jackhammer Goldberg Hennig if Jo Jo admits he's Satan and Bischoff says Ric Flair on TV (thus, Goldberg will win) Goldberg via Jackhammer Goldberg w/ Jackhammer Goldberg with that one move
Hogan & Rodzilla vs. DDP & Malone Malone pins Hogan following a diamond cutter DDP/Malone w/ simultaneous Diamond Cutters DDP over Rodzilla cause Hogan can't lose twice in a week Hogan over Page DDP/Malone, Diamond Cutter on Rodman DDP/Malone

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