WCW/nWo Bash at the Beach, 7/12/98

WCW/nWo Bash at the Beach, Sunday, 7/12/98

By Big Mike

Tom B. from Tustin, CA sends this arena report:
I was at the Bash yesterday, so I thought I'd share a couple of observations. This was only my second live event, so my apologies for any naivety on my part, but here's what I thought...

Let's see... the wrestler's entrance was visible from the arena entrance, and it was terribly crowded with people trying to get a glimpse of just about anyone. Not much to see, although I did see Rey Mysterio Jr. sans mask, although it was to far away to really see what he looked like. DDP walked by and gave us all the Diamond Cutter sign. Well, he is "the people's champion."

The highlight of the afternoon actually came before the show even started. The start time was announced as 3:30 (Pacific Daylight Time), but there was nothing going on for quite some time. A girl with floor seats and a skimpy outfit (kinda looked like a wanna-be Nitro girl) stood up and started shaking her moneymaker, holding a sign over her head which read "Tanya," with an arrow pointing down. BIG pop for her. Then came the obligatory "Take it off!" chants. To everyone's delight and astonishment, off came her shirt, revealing a black bra. Not bad. As if that weren't enough, then, down came the shorts, revealing a nice black thong (I was lucky enough to be directly on-axis with her backside) Pretty impressive, I must say. Huge pop. Penzer comes out and opens with "Now how can I follow that?" Big laugh.

I had always wondered about that freaked-out mascot thing you sometimes see on TV, but never really hear about. Turns out it's Wild Cat Willie (WCW, get it?) anyway, he comes out and jumps around a little but, to absolutely NO reaction. Whatever. At least now I know what I've been missing.

Dark match was a four man lucha-libre match between Damien and Ciclope vs. some unidentified Mexicans with old-school El Santo type masks on. Couldn't hear their names, but it was something like "El Something-O's" They won a very lame match.

Other than that, the TV report was pretty much accurate, with one notable exception: the Goldberg chants. I was as skeptical as the next guy when they started popping up at every show since Detroit, but I can assure you, the ones last night were real. Not only are they incredibly easy to start, they were happening ALL DAY, regardless of what was going on. Kinda annoying if you're not a Golberg mark (but who isn't, right?)

All in all, kind of a letdown, considering WCW only comes to Southern California once a year. I actually had a better time at a WWF house show a couple of months back. I will be at RAW IS WAR on the 27th of this month also. Hopefully it will be better.

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