WCW Worldwide - Saturday, 7/25/98

By The Cubs Fan

From John Lewis, regarding the crowd for the Worldwide tapings:

Only about half of them are wrestling fans. The others are piped in from the theme park as filler. The dates for WorldWide are not publicized at all in the Orlando area. That added in with the fact that is an extremely small crowd, anyone with a little energy can get the crowd riled up for whoever they want. Personally I'm a huge Jericho mark, so that's one of the reasons. You should have seen the look on Raven's face when we got the whole WorldWide arena chanting "Raven". >g<

And who could forget the "Nashkavitz" chant. Oh well... Just a thought.

For getting people to actually cheer for Raven, I think John is my new hero.

From UNCLEJESY@aol.com

A plancha is just Spanish for a crossbody.  Tony calls them wrong all the time.  Sometimes when someone does a slingshot plancha from the inside to the outside, it's called a "pescado," which is Spanish for fish.  Go figure.

Thanks. It's really really sad when your #1 play by play guy doesn't even know what he's talking about. I mean, if it's his job to hype everything tenfold more than it should be, that's one thing. But to not even call simple stuff right (sidewalk slam), it really looks bad.

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