WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 09/14/98

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 09/14/98

By Wade

Welcome home, Nature Boy!

Norm and Fish send the following arena report:
Hello, our names are Norm and Fish. We just got back from the Greenville Nitro and it was an experience we'll never forget. Here's an arena report...

We arrived at about 5:30. We got to a gate near the building overlooking the wrestler's parking area. We saw a few wrestlers... Scott Hall crotched chopped everyone...he drove the car with a crew member. The Giant popped his head out the door about 15 feet from us. He smiled at us and waved...we said hey and waved back. No one rushed him for an autograph though.

The entire crowd outside was swelled with the possibility of seeing Flair. "We want Flair" chants were rampant, as were a few Goldberg chants. But EVERYONE was there to see Flair.

We got in about 7:15. We were seated behind the entranceway so we could see who was going to come in next. We were near the top of the building, but we could see everything fine. It was hard to hear what the wrestlers were saying some of the time from where we were., so we could see who was going to come in next. It was interesting to see that anyone who was going to do a run in would be in position about 10 minutes before they were supposed to go out. This gets important in a minute...

There were no dark matches. Penzer came out to a big pop, and as soon as he said the rules, people started booing.

"We want Flair" chants were going on all night and every 10 minutes at least.

It took Meng about 7 minutes to get up after that chokeslam.

The "Warrior Trapdoor" was so obvious..even from where we were. Hogan freaking out was funny....We just yelled at him to open up the trapdoor and stop acting like a moron. Guess he didn't hear us.

The Juvi/Kidman match was awesome...people solidly got behind Kidman midway through the match and he got one of the best ovations after he won. That was unexpected.

It was confusing with that match with Scott Hall...seeing everyone there who are supposed to be enemies talking with him. Fish thought he spewed on Bischoff, but he wasn't sure. Bisch ran to the back with his jacket scrunched against him and he had to change. I didn't know what happened until I read a Nitro report.

Dillon coming out in that tux gave me a clue that Flair was there...and then he called out Arn. We looked in the hall that proceeded the entranceway as Arn came out and we saw the blonde hair...everyone in our section started to freak out and go nuts. Word spread quick! Arn worked that whole thing perfectly. When Flair came out, that auditorium went absolutely nuts. It was literally shaking from the noise. There is no way to describe the feeling. Flair's speech was great...and when he called Bischoff a "son-of-a-b*tch", that place went crazy. It was beautiful. Flair left and gave a big Horseman sign to a huge pop before he exited. All I gotta say is Nature Boy...welcome back home! What an awesome moment man!

After the cameras went off the air, Goldberg helped Sting up and they embraced. Goldberg raised Sting's hand and they joined up with Hart at the entranceway. They all three grasped hands at the entranceway and raised them to a huge pop. One of the most professional things I've ever seen.

What a Nitro. I may not have been at McGwire's 62nd homer, but being there to see the Horsemen reform was just as good!

TDreamer24 sends the following arena report:
The gates opened about forty-five minutes late. It was scheduled to open at 6:30 but didn't until about 7:15. Anyway there was a guy my two friends and I made friends with quick. We didn't say anything except we cheered for him as he waved the signs that said: "Goldberg Sux!" "ECW!" "RVD!" We went wild.

Once the card started (after we changed seats two times. They pulled our wonderful seats out to put the cameras in. Then they set us in the back row and we couldn't see crap. Long story from there.)

The crowd was into it from the start. "We Want Flair" chants were heard from before the show until his actual apperance. As soon as Kidman came out he got one of the five biggest pops of the night. When he won it was amazing! The crowd went bonkers. (Yeah a little cheesy, I know.) It was great to know I wasn't surrounded by 10,000 marks.

When Flair came out I thought I was going to go deaf. It was amazing. In my eight other wrestling events I never, EVER heard a crowd like this.

At the end of the show I went home happy. I am only twelve years old, have been a fan for years, been to eight other shows, but I will probably remember this more than my wedding day.

Five biggest arena pops: (TV does not capture everything)

  1. Ric Flair
  2. Arn Anderson
  3. Bill Goldberg
  4. Billy Kidman
  5. Whole Wolfpack
Congrats to WCW for putting on an oustanding show.

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