WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 10/12/98

By Wade

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DDT Digest's own Cubs Fan sends in this arena report:
Hey, I just got back. Before I get started...folks, if it says no smoking, DON'T SMOKE. And sit down too.

Hmm, that feels better.

Sign of the Night: "I came here to see Disco Inferno dance!"

All in all, about worth $12 of my $15 ticket. Less recaps, no stuipd matches like Kendall/Torborg and more Disco would have been better.
Andy from Evanston, IL sends the following arena report:
The crowd was dead throughout most of the evening. Even during the final two matches, the crowd was definitely not into it like at Nitros past.

Once again, a lot of things took place outside the ring, and the crowd can't hear what was going on. Everyone enjoyed the Horsemen skits, but it would have been nice to have it happen where anyone in the arena could see it.

Biggest pops of the night by far went to the Wolfpac, and of course Hogan got the loudest jeers.

Penzer announced before the show that we would see Hall, Norton, and Stevie Ray vs. Nash, Lugar, and Konnan, but that never happened, and the crowd was never told why.

Warrior got once again booed heavily by the crowd, and after Nitro went off the air, the two former Bladerunners stood in the ring with bats playing the crowd. During the last match, I don't know what they showed on TNT, but Bret Hart got hit in the head with something and as he walked back to the lockeroom he was giving people the finger and had a chair over head to protect himself.

Finally, and probably the best part of the evening was as Goldberg came out for his intros, a firework somehow landed on top of the announcers position, and caught on fire. At first it was a small fire and then suddenly it became bigger, and our section (being right near the announce position) started to yell fire, at which Tony looked up, and the three commentators jumped out of the chairs. They were all laughing, but then the crew couldn't find a fire extinguisher. So, a guy tried to climb the set and smash the fire out, but by the time he had reached the top another crew member found an extinguisher and not only put out the fire, but sprayed the other member in the face with the extinguisher! Pretty funny stuff, and nice to see Tony's lightning quick reflexes!

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