WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 12/07/98

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 12/07/98

By Jesse

He must have gotten a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas
You'll put your eye out!

Trey K. sends the following arena report:

I just got home from Houston and seeing the first Monday Nitro there.  Was also at the first Nitro in San Antonio as well as the first WCW event in Houston [in a really long time] a little over a year ago.
D-Skillz sends the following arena report:
I am sure you will get better recaps than this one, but I am just too tired to write. The crowd was really excited, I mean this is wrestling at the Astrodome!!! 31,000 people in attendance and the WCW had 30,000 go home disappointed. I went to RAW last month at the Compaq Center also in Houston and that show was 10 times better. The crowd was so bored that even Norman Smiley got a HUGE pop. The crowd was dead during the Rey vs. Silver King match. I'm sorry but if I see Glacier for more than 2 seconds that is too long. Why couldn't the Giant totally squash him? I'm not just saying that because Scott Putski is my favortie wrestler either. Chris Jericho made a lot of people's night though. If WCW loses him, they are in a lot of trouble. When did Disco Inferno and Chavo Jr. become partners? The crowd was totally lost on that one. We were also lost to why was DDP and Lex Luger, former World Champs fighting JOBBERS? But to top the night off, not one, but two screw-endings to matches. The Scott Hall vs. Scott Steiner match was highly anticipated, did you hear Scott's pop? And the Goldberg vs. Bam Bam match had everyone ready to rumble!!! Even if GB and BB were going to fight to a DQ, let Nash run in after GB has done some moves!!! I usually look down upon throwing trash in the ring, but last night the WCW deserved it. The 2 main events didn't even take place!!!! WCW really deserves to be a distant #2 if they consider this kind of crap fan-friendly.
Nicolas Seafort sends the following arena report:

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