WCW New Blood Rising 2000

WCW New Blood Rising 2000
Sunday, August 13

By Xavier Doom of Xavier Doom's Slayground

This flag strikes fear into the hearts of... um...

John M. from Vancouver, British Columbia sends the following arena report:

Just a report from the show. I was there, and it was pretty average. I was at RAW a few weeks ago, and no comparison. RAW a LOT louder, more pyro, and fans way more into it. I dont know how many people they said were there, but there was only about 9,000, definitely not sold out, lots of seats available.

The show itself left me wanting. Sting on for only like two minutes? The crowd's loudest pop was for Lance Storm, and his match was a joke. A real dissapointment was that Bret wasn't the "rule enforcer", and only came out for a brief non-speaking appearance. The crowd just never really got into it, other than when Storm was talking, the anthem, and when everyone thought Bret was coming out. A pretty good pop when he did come out, though.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful though. A disapointment for sure. Nash wins the 3-way? Bookers noticable limp suddenly not so noticable? I could go on, but would probably keep going for too long. Biggest dissapointment for the crowd I think was the Lance Storm match, even though he won. The way it was done didn't work. The mid card matches were pretty boring, though the 3 count match had some nice moves and some hardcore stuff.

Fans were also chanting for Y2J throughout the night, and ROCKY, ROCKY when Booker was fighting. Fans were not good at the end of the night, throwing anything and everything at the ring and announce team as they left and the night ended. Overall, a poor job by WCW to get the fans into the evening. I have to stop, Im ranting here.

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