House Show Results from Cincinnati, OH, Friday, 09/11/1998

House Show Results from Cincinnati, OH, Friday, 09/11/1998

by Cornbread

Pretty lame show. T-shirt and concessions were busy, but all of the merchandise was Hogan or NWO related, except for the Warrior shirts. I was gonna get a "Monday Night Jericho" shirt, and/or a "Eddy Guerrero is my Favorite Wrestler" shirt, but they had neither. Therefore, WCW got no merchandise money from me.

After the show, I went around back to see the guys leave. Kanyon came out and signed autographs for at least 30 minutes. He turned no one away, even though secirity told him to come back in. Kidman finally came out and got him. I felt sorry for him, because no one recognized him, but were pointing out Kanyon to him. I finnaly yelled out "Kidman is the real luchador", and people started realizing it was him. I felt sorry for the guy. It was like Nova at the ECW fan fest at Heatwave '98

One of the security guards let me in on a little secret: All of the wrestlers who hadn't left yet were drinking beer in the locker room. He told me because I was following the security rules and I "Knew my wrestling". He was pointing at my ECW shirt.

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