House Show Results from El Paso, Texas, Friday, 10/23/1998

House Show Results from El Paso, Texas, Friday, 10/23/1998


Place: "Don Haskins Center" at the University of Texas at El Paso (aka UTEP)
Attendance: Approx 75% full. Arena Holds 12,000 so it was about 9,000 to 10,000

Observations: Why? Bischoff, why? You gave El Paso one of the best Nitros of the year in February. We welcomed you by cheering our asses off. We deserved a pay-per-view, a Thunder or at least a Saturday Night Taping. You only gave us a house show.

Chris H. from New Mexico State University adds the following:

Since I see you already have all the results I thought I would add a few things to the report.

Eddie is over in El Paso. It was amazing. I was at Thunder in Albuquerque the night before and everyone chanted "Eddie sucks", but last night he came out to a huge pop. The entire LWO did as well.

Disco and Alex Wright had the funniest part of the night. After they threw out the tortillas they told everyone that they knew they were tired of swimming to get to the arena. As the crowd threw back the free food, they laid down in the ring and pretended to swim.

Raven came out and protested the way Disco and Alex Wright were treated and said they were right. Major heel move. He later gave a shout out to "my good friends at the Border Patrol." Classic. Too bad this stuff can't be on TV.

Nash got the biggest pop.
Eddie second, with the LWO.
Konan third.
Luger and Chavo about the same.
No heat for Malenko at first, but the crowd got into it.

That's it.

Carlos A. from University of Texas at El Paso adds:
I just thought I would add my bit here and there. I worked the floor as a ticket taker/usher. We had around 9,000 people; about the same for the Nitro we had in February. We got underway around 7pm. Before it all started they did the standard "don't throw stuff cause you will hit a kid thing". The odd thing was that I yelled and almost threw out a bunch of kids throwing ice. I don't get it...
Also for that matter, the Genius Patrol(tm) was out tonight with thier laser pointers. I think we tossed two to three of them.

On with the report:

Match 1

They announced Tokyo Magnum, Ciclope and Villano 5. Then Rage Against the Machine comes over the speakers and Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, and Rey Misterio Jr. come out. Big pop for the faces. Great moves, some amazing stuff. Over in ~10 mins

Match 2

Fit Finley vs Dean Malenko
Finley was a major heel, both looked a bit paunch in the chest. Great technical stuff. Eventually Malenko got the Cloverleaf on and Finley got beat like a four year old at KMART!
The match ended around 7:56. Oh, all night long the wrestlers did knife chops, the crowed did the manditory Flair "WHOOO". Real neat.

Match 3

Disco Inferno/Alex Wright vs Chavo and Eddie Guerrero
Disco Inferno came out first wearing a Charro hat (traditional horse rider or mariachi musician, not the female). He talks some smack, then calls out Der Uberboy. They do their major heel schtick. Great heat for that, the bit about throwing tortillas was hilarious.
The finished rocked, with both Guerreros doing their finishers, very awesome.
And yes, Pepe got the shirt. Eddie also used Pepe to have Chavo "hulk up" a bit. too.

Match 4

Raven vs Konnan
Music got mixed up, but Raven commented that they messed up because they knew he should have gone first. Got the usual heel reaction from crowd. Then Konnan's personal music, NOT WolfPack music came on, unless the WolfPack music talks about being Chicano?
Some good stuff, but Konnan was really out of shape, looked bad.
As mentioned above, Konnan afterwards talked about working with Eddie back in Mexico and thanked the crowd, saying to effect, if it was not for us they would not be here.
Man, if science could take the pop and heat from the crowd when Mr. Cheap Heat(tm) himself comes out, we would have a limitless power source to tap.

Match 5

Wrath vs Lex Luger
It was announced that Wrath was from Devil's Island, is this new? Luger was announced from Chicago, also is this new? Any who, I also kept track of Lugers bevy of wrestling moves.

Well it had more than just wrestling "moves" but still not much. Wrath on the other hand just kicked some ass. Giant (?) runs in, then Nash runs in. The heels flee then Nash get on the mic "Hey ladies .... bla bla bla" 2x2 ensues. The card had Nash vs Giant as the main event, but what they heck, it was good. Nash gave a big DX chop and it was on. The big guys eventually made it to the floor and some how Nash got a hold of a broom and pinned the Giant with it.
Tourture Rack from Luger, and the win.

Good stuff over all

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