House Show Results from Shreveport, Louisiana, Sunday, December 6, 1998

House Show Results from Shreveport, Louisiana, Sunday, December 5, 1998

By George B. from Shreveport, Louisiana

Here I am spending $23 for seats which I got for $18 in July. I would like to thank WCW for not matching the show that previously was here. By the way I read the Little Rock house show report and we got basically the same show with a few minor adjustments.

Match 1: Lodi (Sign man) vs Chris Adams

Lodi came out with these signs, "U paid 2 watch LODI", "I hate this town", "U R Stupid" and the creme de la crem "Lodi rules". I probably spelled that one wrong. Slow pace they matched arm drag for arm drag early. A few attempted pinfalls and Lodi bails and walks outside Adams grabs the signs and rips them, Lodi is a house-of-fire and storms in and pegs Adams with a double ax handle, then gets knocked goofy, turns around and, boom, Superkick. Adams wins...great for a former competitor from World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas.

Match 2: Ciclope, Silver King, El Dandy (El extra Burritos) vs Norman Smiley, Prince (Nackamacky) Iaukea and Lizmark Jr.

This was LWO since the recent turn of the one with the stocky physique Silver King. El Dandy really tried hard to show his stocky physique. Highlights were fans actually cheering for Norman Smiley. Really good Lucha Libre action but the crowd lost it when Smiley did his famous (Who's your daddy, spank that @$$) dance. He won with the patented rollup of death. Then Damien ran in and with his LWO brothers beat Lizmark down. He sang a little Aye yi yi, which I couldn't understand and I figured he was asking directions to the nearest Taco Bell. Oh yes, Silver King knows English, too. He just kept saying he would speak English for us.

Match 3: Ernest Miller vs Kaz Hayashi

Kitty B. Badd had a few good one liners calling a really hefty fan "Fat Albert" and calling us rednecks. Worst match of the night. They tried, but the Cat won somehow...maybe some kind of kick I was checking out the Sunday Night ring girls. I almost forgot...the referee had the best take down here. He kicked the Cat's legs out from under him after he smacked the ref in the hamstring. Crowd loved that move.

Intermission, a few shameless plugs for the WCW Mastercard and the next pay-per-view Starrcade and the friendly reminder of the Monday Nitro in Houston, TX

Match 4: "The Lone Wolf" Scott Hall vs DDP

Hall came out to the Fugee's Ready or Not and was sporting a new vest with the Lone Wolf on it. DDP came out with his normal music and did his 'BANGs' and did the usual tossing out of a souvenir. Great match with a lot of back and forth punching and clotheslines. DDP stomped Hall down and signalled for the Diamond Cutter and was about to .... and was shoved into the referee. Ref is out cold and Hall looks to the crowd, reaches into his trunks, and brings out the foreign object(brass knucks maybe) and nails DDP. Hall shakes the ref awake and gets the 1,2, ... DDP kicks out.
Hall beats him down and signals for the Lone Wolf Edge. He sets him up and ... DDP flips out of it and BANG out of nowhere (like Little Rock house show the night before) 1, 2, 3. DDP wins, crowd goes nuts. Best match of the night in my humble opinion.

Match 5: Wrath vs Lex Luger

Wrath comes out with his music (great beginning, Van Halen rules), this man is large. Luger comes out with the Wolfpack music. Hmmm, out of nowhere the Giant shows up and offers Wrath a spot in the NWO black and white. He hands him a t-shirt, Wrath takes it and unfolds it holds it up and throws it in Luger's eyes momentarily blinding, or stunning him, whichever it was, and beats him down. Giant joins in and they are having their way and big huge pop and motoring down the aisle is Big Sexy Kevin Nash. He clears the ring and Giant and Wrath walk towards the locker room, a challenge for a tag match is made and, whooomp, there it is. Best line goes to Nash whom point out a sign that supposedly has a extra large pair of Fruit Of The Looms on it which belong to the Giant. Nash says "They can't be...I don't see any tracks." The crowd goes nuts and Giant claims to not have stained underwear. Nash and Luger hold their noses as if there is a bad odor permeating the arena from the Giant's corner. Back and forth match which is slightly interrupted by some drunken fool who thinks he is gonna whip the Giant. He jumps in the ring, Security responds and the Giant rips his tie-dye shirt off him and helps flip him out of the ring. They continue on with Luger getting beat down again and rebounding from the brink of defeat. Wrath goes outside and grabs a chair struggles to get it through and over the ropes. Luger tags Nash in, the Giant picks up the chair and raises it up and Nash kicks it back into his face to get the 1, 2, 3. Wolfpack wins. I figured we would see the Rack and the Jacknife like Little Rock, but was a little surprised.

A few changes from the advertised card, but were OK moves, especially the one which would have been LWO vs LWO. Silver King, H. Garza & Lizmark Jr. vs Ciclope, Damian & El Dandy. [It's possible that the match was changed to coincide with Silver King having gone LWO on WCWSN. Nah, that would make too much sense.] Lizmark, Jr. wouldn't haven't stood a chance. No Mr. Perfect, thank goodness Wrath took his place. I was really disappointed in the advertisments for the show. They used the voice of Sting which surprise, surprise, didn't come nowhere near showing up. Thank you, promoters. Goldberg was possibly in the area filming Universal Soldier 2 and he wasn't there either. Come on, give us just a little more of your top talent. The bonus of the night, No Hogan, which probably won't happen tomorrow in Houston, but we can always hope.

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