House Show Results from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Friday, December 18th, 1998

House Show Results from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Friday, December 18th, 1998

By Jon H.

After Penzer read the seven magic rules, the mayor(?) of the city came out and called out Goldberg. She mentioned how she went to school with him at Edison High. Goldberg came out to GIANT, GIANT pop, he was awarded the keys to the city, then told everyone how great it was to be home, yada yada yada.

First match was Vincent vs. Chris Adams...pretty stale, Vincent actually got some heat, Adams won, which shocked me.

Second: Fit Finlay vs. Saturn.....pretty good, it went to the ten minute time limit, within the last minute Saturn almost hit the Spicolli Driver but Finlay reversed...'boring' chants.

Third: Disco and Wright vs. Benoit and Malenko (w/ Arn Anderson).... Disco came out sporting the black and red and Wright trash talked Tulsa by calling us rednecks and stuff. Just about everyone raised the four fingers when Benoit and Malenko showed. Arn Anderson led them out, which got me to mark out, I had no idea he would show. Disco got on the mic and said that the Wolfpac think the Horsemen suck. AA got on and told the Wolfpac that they can kiss his ass....stupendous match, Benoit owned as usual and Malenko did some WICKED moves. Horsemen won.

Fourth: Eddie Gurrero vs. Konnan.....Eddy came out to some good heal heat, posed a bit, then Gonnad came out to a big pop. Eddie carried the match completely, lots of 'Eddy sucks' chants. Gonnad eventually won.

Fifth: Booker T vs. Chris Jericho....Jericho came out first, I was OF COURSE wearing my Monday night Jericho shirt, he got tons of boos and I marked big when he grabbed the mic. He told everyone "I want you, to want ME" Then proclaimed he KNEW why everyone came, and that was for Jericho. He said that since there were SO many Jerichoholics out there that he MUST be the hometown hero, not 'Greenburg'.
Out came Booker T, he got some great heat, everyone was raising the roof. A great match, Booker and Jericho are both great wrestlers and were let loose, Jericho pulled off his 'C'mon Baby' cover as a very loud 'Jericho sucks' chant was heard, he then grabbed the ref's hands to cover his ears. Anyways, Booker got the win, I ran to the sidelines to tell Jericho I was still a faithful Jerichoholic, I marked out incredibly when he turned and smiled, everyone was yellin at me though, since I was the only one rooting for him.

Sixth match: DDP vs. Brian Adams....Brian Adams came out and said he wasn't going to trash talk Tulsa because he knew that everyone knows what it is like and didn't want to add to our pain by reminding us. He then made fun of DDP for getting slammed through the stage on Nitro and said he wasn't going to be here tonight. Unfortunately for him, DDP came from out of the crowd and began the fight. An OK match, the crowd went nuts when DDP hit the diamond cutter for the win.

Seventh match: Goldberg vs. the Giant...I ran up towards the front during the Jericho match, so i was pretty close to the ring, great view. Giant is really, really, REALLY big in person...he was taller than the people standing on chairs to see. Goldberg came out to MASSIVE pop, I am dead serious, I could barely hear for an hour afterwards because of the yelling and chanting of 'Goldberg'.
When the two were fighting, a fight between the fans broke out, some guy was pissed because this guy would NOT put his sign down, blocking a LOT of people's view, basically he beat the living SHIT out of him, they had to call the ambulance, he threw him through 3 rows of chairs against the wall.
In the meantime goldberg was bleeding, BAD, blood was ALL over the place....none of us knew how really, I do NOT think he bladed, the reason being is because Goldberg just speared Giant, got the pin, and quickly left, no jackhammer or posing or getting his belt, he had the security and some doctor lookin guys take him back, the blood was mopped up by some guy's Goldberg shirt and given back to him, which he proudly showed off to his friends....I don't know, but it looked pretty serious.

All in all a great show, while everyone was leaving some fan jumped over the bar, grabbed the mic, and did the New Age Outlaw 'Oh you didn't know?' shctick...really funny, the event staff didn't do anything because they thought it was funny as hell and no harm was done.

House shows really are better than TV!

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