House Show Results from Phildadelphia, PA, 12/30/98

House Show Results from Phildadelphia, PA, 12/30/98

By Tony from Philadelphia and Dennis D. from Philadelphia

Tony's report:

We start out with the usual don't throw stuff, no laser pointers, blah, blah, blah....Then on to the matches.

Saturn defeats Dave "Fit" Finlay

Length of match: 14:57
Length of Finlay sparring with fans: 14:00
Finlay wasted the entire match babbling and took it to Saturn for a couple of minutes before Saturn hit the DVD with three seconds remaining.

Konnan defeats Horace Hogan

Konnan is so out of shape, he lost his breath just walking to the ring. We, of course, got to hear his eloquent schtick. He also started spouting off a list of salad dressings (I thought he was order he pre-match snack for a moment) before telling Horace to pick one because Konnan was going to have him toss his salad tonight (Homosexual overtones?). Boring match with Konnan winning via the Tequila sunrise.

Booker T. defeats Brian Adams

Uneventful. Advantage Adams. Booker T. turnaround. Booker T. gets roll-up for the win.

Benoit and Malenko defeat Jericho and Guerrero

Being from Philly, you gotta love this. Four former ECW guys in the ring at the same time. Arn comes out with Benoit and Malenko and Jericho tells him to take his "decrepit" self to the back. Arn tells Jericho that he hopes himself and his girlfriend Guerrero have balls as big as their mouths because they are going to need them to save them from getting their asses kicked. This was a great match. Benoit's chops are so brutal that they could take down a damn oak tree. Benoit took a beating most of the match before Malenko entered. The matched ended with the Crippler Crossface and Texas Cloverleaf being applied simultaneously.

Lex Luger defeats Scott Steiner via DQ

Steiner and Vincent, I mean Virgil...whatever, come out with a Rangers jersey and make Penzer wear it. Steiner goes on about how bad Philly sucks and tells Luger this is his last chance to go Black and White. Luger replies with a shot to the face and off we go. Basic Luger match. Gets his ass kicked for a while. Clothesline, forearm, signal for the rack. As Luger signals for the ultimate finisher (ha!) Vincent hits him with a hockey stick, causing the DQ. The most interesting part of the match was outside of the ring. Some chick with a tremendous rack was sitting ringside and Steiner got her to flash her headlights. The girl got escorted out and her boyfriend went nuts. I saw her during intermission signing autographs and taking pics. I was too far away to recognize her though. If anyone else brings this to your attention, please post it on your so if you find out who she was.

Ric Flair defeats Scott Hall

I don't care what anyone says...Flair is still the man. When you hear the music, you can't help but go nuts. Hall does his usual "Hey yo" and gets a pop. He then mentions that the Nash - Goldberg match at Starrcade was a real shocker (get it, shocker!). Flair takes a beating most of the match. Chops, strutting, figure four, end of match.

The Giant defeats DDP

Bret Hart comes out after DDP's entrance and says he would love to wrestle him, but the thugs DDP hired to get him sidelined him for the night....out comes The Giant. This was simply their Starrcade match all over again, except for the end. Hart nails DDP with a chair, chokeslam, match over. Hart proceeds to put DDP in a sharpshooter before leaving to USA chants. Before the match, Hart did make his enema remark about Philly. I thought he would never say something like that again (according to Wrestling With Shadows).

Kevin defeats the Giant in a triangle match that included Goldberg

Golbberg enters first, then Nash. The Giant then comes out saying that he deserves a title shot. Nash says that he and Goldberg have some unfinished business, but they would both be glad to beat on the Giant in the process of solving their problems. THREE WAY DANCE. YES!!! Nash and Goldberg begin by teaming up on the Giant. Once he gets tossed from the ring, Goldberg and Nash go at it. The Giant gets back in the ring and they all go at it for a while. Goldberg nails the Giant with the spear and then the jackhammer, but Nash nails Goldberg with a boot as he pins the Giant and then proceeds to gain the pinfall himself. After the match, Nash grabs the mike and says he will see Goldberg in Atlanta. Goldberg say he would like nothing better than beating Nash's ass in his own back yard.

Overall, the card was great. No complaints from me. I'm not sure what was done on QVC, but I know they were there.

Dennis D.'s report:

Just as the past few Nitros in Philly, this house show was sold out. 17,380 people on hand to see it.

1st Match: Saturn vs. Fit Finley

This match went down to the last 7 seconds of the time limit, then Saturn hit the DVD, and picked up the win. ** out of *****

2nd Match: Konnan vs. Horace

Konnan does his usual spiel before the match. Then he goes onto say that "we have French, Russian, and Blue cheese, Horace, they are dressings, because tonight, you are gonna toss my salad." Nice.
Konnan wins with the tequila sunrise. *** out of *****

3rd Match: Booker T. vs. B. Adams

Booker T. wins with a roll-up. Not a very good match. ** out of *****

4th Match: Benoit/Malenko vs. Guerrero/Jericho

Same exact match from the night before. The Horsemen win by both using their respective submission move. **** out of *****


Penzer announced that Bigelow could not be there because of weather. So, instead of Goldberg vs. Bigelow, we have a rematch for the Heavyweight Championship, Nash vs. Goldberg.

5th Match: Flair vs. Hall

Hall eventually went for the Outsider's Edge, but Flair reversed it into the Figure 4 Leglock, and got the win. *** out of *****

6th Match: DDP vs. Giant (originally scheduled to be DDP/Windham)

Bret Hart comes down first and says that he wishes that he could wrestle, so he could kick DDPs ass. But instead, he has a big surprise for him, which is the Giant. Match goes back and forth, then Hart hits DDP in the back with a chair, which lands DDP in a chokeslam. Giant wins. *** out of *****

7th Match: Luger vs. S. Steiner (non-title)

Steiner gives Luger his "last" ultimatum to join the nWo black and white, so Luger goes onto punch him instead. Again a back and forth match, Vincent tries to hit Luger with a hockey stick, Luger blocks and put Vincent in the rack. Steiner then hits Luger with the stick, and Luger wins by DQ. *** out of *****

8th Match: Nash vs. Goldberg (Heavyweight Title)

Goldberg comes out to the biggest pop of the night. Nash comes out to the second biggest. Match is set to begin and the Giant makes his way down. He says to Nash that he had a match with Nash tonight, which he did, so Nash makes it into a three way dance. Figures. Nash and Goldberg attack the Giant for a while. Eventually Goldberg spears the Giant, and puts him in the jackhammer for a good 5-7 seconds. When Goldberg goes to pin the Giant, Nash hits Goldberg and he pins the Giant. Nash retains the title. ***** out of *****

Overall Assessment

I feel that WCW put on a pretty good show, maybe because some of it was broadcasted on QVC. A lot of cursing by the wrestlers, which got a few laughs from the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, nothing was thrown at the ring, before, during or after the show. The Philly crowd should be applauded for that.

Finally, Goldberg was announced to be from parts unknown. Yet after the match, Nash said that he'll see Goldberg, Monday in the dome, and Goldberg said that he couldn't wait to kick Nash's ass in his own backyard. Does Atlanta = parts unknown????

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