Arn Anderson Action Figures
Arn Anderson Action Figures

Thanks to Max from NYC for the JPGs and accompanying text.

Arn and Tully from a brand new (as of late 2007) line of two-packs, featuring the Four Horsemen exclusively, being released soon at Toys R Us' around the country.

WCW figure released by Galoob. There are two versions: One with a bald spot and one without it. Arn was upset that the figure had a bald spot, so he asked Galoob to change it. In the newer version, the mold for the figure is still the same, but the bald spot is hair-colored instead of skin-colored. It is not known which is the more rare of the two.

Spanish version of the Galoob figure.

United Kingdom-exclusive version w/ Ric Flair. Not sure about the "bald spot issue" with this one.

Bendable Arn Anderson figure.

Arn also had a recent figure made by Jakks Pacific, as part of their Classic Superstars line. The figure is a lot more high tech than the old ones, with real scan technology and more articulation. While one would suppose being put in the Classic Superstars line is, in theory, an honor, Jakks did put Tank friggin' Abbott in the series, so yeah...

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