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Title Won On Won From Won Where Lost On Lost To Lost Where Reign
Southeastern Tag Team w/Jerry Stubbs 1/15/84 Vacant - Won in Tournament, Defeated Jimmy Golden and Jacques Rougeau in Final Montgomery, AL 3/84 Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (Bunkhouse Buck)
~ 2 months
Southeastern Tag Team w/Jerry Stubbs 3/84 Fuller & Golden **
6/84 R.A.T. Pack (Johnny Rich, Scott Armstrong and Tonga Kid)
~ 3 months
Southeastern Tag Team w/Jerry Stubbs 7/16/84 Robert Fuller & Tonga Kid or R.A.T. Pack, depending on the source Montgomery, AL 8/84 R.A.T. Pack
~ 1 month
Southeastern Tag Team w/Pat Rose 9/84 or 10/84 (sources differ) Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong
10/84 R.A.T. Pack
~ 1 month
Georgia National Tag Team w/Ole Anderson 4/28/85 Manny Fernandez & Thunderbolt Patterson*** Charlotte, NC 2/86
Title Abandoned
~ 10 months
NWA World Television 1/4/86 Wahoo MacDaniel **** Charlotte, NC 9/9/86 Dusty Rhodes Columbia, SC 248 Days
NWA World Tag Team w/Tully Blanchard 9/29/87 The Rock 'n Roll Express Misenheimer, NC 3/27/88 Barry Windham & Lex Luger Greensboro, NC 180 Days
NWA World Tag Team w/Tully Blanchard 4/20/88 Barry Windham & Lex Luger Jacksonville, FL 9/10/88 Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane Philadelphia, PA 143 Days
WWF World Tag Team w/Tully Blanchard 7/18/89 Demolition (Ax & Smash) Worcester, MA 10/2/89 Demolition (Ax & Smash) Wheeling, WV 76 Days
NWA World Television 1/2/90 The Great Muta Gainesville, GA 12/4/90 Tom Zenk Perry, GA 336 Days *****
WCW World Television 1/7/91 Tom Zenk Atlanta, GA 5/19/91 Bobby Eaton St. Petersburg, FL 132 Days
WCW World Tag Team w/Larry Zbyszko 9/5/91 Rick Steiner & Bill Kazmaier ****** Augusta, GA 11/19/91 Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes Savannah, GA 75 Days
WCW World Tag Team w/Bobby Eaton 1/16/92 Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes Jacksonville, FL 5/3/92 The Steiner Brothers Chicago, IL 108 Days
NWA/WCW World Tag Team w/Paul Roma 8/18/93 Steve Austin & Brian Pillman ******* Daytona, FL 9/19/93 The Nasty Boys Houston, TX 32 Days
WCW World Television 1/9/95 Johnny B. Badd Columbus, GA 6/18/95 The Renegade Dayton, OH 160 Days
* - DDT Digest reader Travis E. sent in the following: "On Arn's bio, where the title changes are listed as '?', that may be because the Fullers had the exact same matches in each town they went to each week so the fans there thought they were the city that got to see the title switch. For example, Saturday mornings was Dothan for the studio taping of show, Saturday night was the regular card in Dothan's Houston County Farm Center, Sunday was in Pensacola, FL (where most of the guys lived), Mondays was Montgomery, Tuesdays were the Mobile Expo Hall, Wednesday and Thursday were spot shows, and Fridays were in Birmingham at the Boutwell Auditorium."
** - Anderson & Stubbs declared champions after Fuller & Golden forfeit the titles back to Anderson & Stubbs due to an injury to Fuller.
*** - Defeated Fernandez and Patterson in match to award title which was held up due to the fact that the previous champions, Ole Anderson and Patterson, were no longer a team.
**** - Defeated Wahoo in tournament final when Dusty was stripped of the title due to injury.
***** - Steve Austin is often credited with having the longest WCW TV Title reign in history. While he may have had the longest WCW TV Title reign at 329 days, Arn had the longest reign in the combined history of the NWA/WCW TV Title at 336 days. Mike Rotundo/Mike Rotunda/V.K.Wallstreet/M. Wallstreet/Irwin R. Shyster has a close second at 335 days.
****** - Defeated Rick Steiner and Bill Kazmaier in tournament final when Steiner Brothers were stripped in 7/91.
******* - Although technically the belts were won from the titleholders, Austin and Pillman, in the match where Arn and Paul Roma won the belts, Lord Steven Regal was substituting for an injured Pillman.

Other Accolades
Top Ten Reasons Why Arn Anderson Is The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time
(in other words, why I built this page)
  1. Always gave it his all in the ring. Arn had a tremendous workrate and always put on a fantastic show. He gave everyone their money's worth.
  2. His persona. One of the things that makes Arn so great is that he is so real. No gimmicks, no games. More than any other wrestler in the sport today, Arn was a real person in the ring. As much as I like Ric Flair, he's a married man...those pretty girls on his arm don't "ride Space Mountain".
  3. Fantastic interviewing skills. A no-nonsense guy, he doesn't hoot, holler, or mug at the camera. He looks straight at you, and doesn't mince words. And the thumb across the throat at the end of the interview is legendary. Another Arn Anderson fan, Robert Champion, has transcribed over 100 Arn interviews over the years (and you thought I was a fanatic). Here is the transcript from a TV interview with Arn from 1986.
  4. True toughness. Aside from the fact that he, in real life, is deceptively strong for his size, he successfully defended himself against a much bigger man with a pair of scissors on a 'roid rage (see below).
  5. His success in tag teams. Wrestling, like any business, requires you to work closely with others. The difficulties working together in professional wrestling take on another dimension because of its physical nature. To be pushed as a world tag team champion with four different partners shows how well he can work with others.
  6. Arn is a company man. Although not involved in the front office, Arn bought in to every angle and did his best to put it over. Although he may regret some, such as Robocop, it shows his company loyalty. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.
  7. Even though a 14 year veteran who had paid his dues, Arn did not reduce his schedule. While many of superstars of today have contracts that limit the amount they have to work, Arn traveled the country night after night plying his craft. The fact he has won four television titles is a testament to his work ethic.
  8. Can sell moves extremely well. The look of fear in his eyes when backed into a corner is very convincing. His wild punches when semi-concious are always a crowd-pleaser.
  9. No gimmicks. Arn never wore face paint, never had a goofy outfit. What you see was a reflection of the man outside the ring.
  10. The Four Horsemen. Last, but certainly not least, he's an original member of the premier organization in all of sports.
The eyes have it! No fast count by Nick Patrick here Arn just pinned the 'immortal' Hulk Hogan
Arn pins Hulk Hogan on Monday Nitro, February 12th 1996

Interesting Facts About Arn
Great Quotes From Arn

One of the things that makes Arn such a consummate professional is the great interviews he gives. The thumb across the throat at the end of the interview is a Double-A tradition. Some of his best quotes:
If Arn Had It To Do Over Again, He Probably Wouldn't...
Click here to read the story of when I met Double A.

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A number of people have made contributions to this tribute and they are too numerous to mention. I'd like to acknowledge them all as a group here. Substantial contributions were especially made by Howard Rabon, Bency Abraham, Mike DePompo, Chris Crank, J. Scott Jones, Robert Champion, Chan and Charlie, Paul Lewis, Dalton Mayo of The Ringside Seat, Chris Duffy, Scott Phillips, Gregory Eaton and Randy Lofland.

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