Arn Anderson Picture And Sound Gallery
Arn Anderson Picture And Sound Gallery
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A possible picture of Arn as Super Olympia. If anyone can prove or disprove that this is Arn, let me know.

Arn and Ole Anderson as the second incarnation of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Here they proudly wear the Georgia National Tag Team Belts immediately before defending them against Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A. in July of 1985. Magnum showed up late for the match, due to his being punked in the dressing room earlier in the day by Ole and Arn.
Although Arn and Ole had much success together as a team and as part of the Horsemen, these were the only belts they won together.

Arn with the TV belt. It's photos like this that make me wax poetic for the bygone days before the "no blood" policy in WCW.

   Card number 7 in a series of Jim Crockett NWA cards.

   Card number 231 in a series of Jim Crockett NWA cards. At first glance, Arn's opponent may look like Sting, but I don't think it is.

   Card number 239 in a series of Jim Crockett NWA cards.

   Card number 242 in a series of Jim Crockett NWA cards.

Arn vs. Nikita Koloff, from the mid-80s.

Arn and Tully Blanchard, arguably the best tag team partner Arn ever had. If Arn had started teaming regularly with Chris Benoit, I think they would have had the potential to surpass the Anderson/Blanchard combination.

A really cheesy black and white photo of Arn and Tully from 1988.

A magazine photo from the WWF days, honoring the 1989 PWI Tag Team Of The Year.

Arn and Tully being honored as the first team in history to hold both the NWA and WWF World Tag Team belts.

Arn shows Barry Windham who's boss.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can sell a move like Arn does.

Arn with probably the strongest collection of Horsemen in their history. If nothing else, the collection of gold in the picture tells the story. Arn and Tully have the World Tag Team belts, Ric Flair has the World Heavyweight Title, and Barry Windham has the U.S. Heavyweight Title.

Arn in an ancient interview with Tony Schiavone. This was part of the "Arn Anderson Retrospective" shown on Nitro a week after Arn announced his retirement.

Arn celebrates another victory. Can you figure out who the three people in the background are? Give you a hint...they're from the Stud Stable.

Arn doing what what comes natural, carryin' the gold.

Arn gives someone the benefit of his experience and shows them the ropes.

Arn and Ric doubleteam their hapless foe.

Yikes! This picture gives me the chills.

Arn and Ric set someone up for the ride.

Arn, Ric, and the man who would later put ECW on the map, Paul E. Dangerously.

Arn and the four-time object of his affection, the WCW World Television Championship.

Taken individually, this may be the most talented group of Horsemen in history. Unfortunately, they did not gel as a team.

The back of one of the cards. Ummm, I thought Ric Flair was the dirtiest player in the game.

Wow, what a mug on him.

The stats on Arn from one of the Main Event cards.

Arn tries to put Terry Taylor to sleep. A faster way might be to make Terry Taylor watch films of his own matches.

Hmm, this picture looks suspiciously like another one you'll find in the gallery.

Arn shows off his new bridgework.

Arn covers Terry Taylor.

Arn does his Benny Hill impression.

Arn attempts to cure Terry Taylor's tennis elbow.

Arn gives his opponent a nutcracker...and it's not the kind you open walnuts with!

Arn puts it to The Red Rooster Terry Taylor.

Arn's 1999 WCW Nitro card.

Arn heading to the ring for another victory, no doubt. If I could just airbrush Col. Parker out of the background...

Arn prepared to give someone a knuckle sandwich.

This picture must have been taken when Arn found out he had to job to The Renegade.

Arn explains why Woman continues to hang around with him.

Another shot of that menacing mug.

I wouldn't want to run into that face in a dark alley. (Photo courtesy of Slobberknocker Central)

One tough hombre.

"Can we dance with yo' dates?" (Photo courtesy of Slobberknocker Central)

Arn with armful of head of an unlucky opponent. (Photo courtesy of Richard)

Arn gives an opponent a lift. (Photo courtesy of Richard)

Arn offers Lex Luger a seat.

Arn gets sent to the chiropractor.

Arn gives Jeff Jarrett a much-needed face lift.

I never would have tagged Arn as a New York Giants fan.

Arn and Ric Flair at an autograph signing shortly before Arn announced his retirement.

Another picture from the autograph signing.

Arn shows the nWo fans in Houston what he thinks of them.

Arn Anderson action figure made by Galoob in 1990. Came with championship belt.

Arn Anderson bendable action figure made by Just Toys in 1990.

Arn reading a fellow Horseman the riot act. Brian Pillman, no doubt...

Arn demands a chance to get even.

Arn gives a look into the future. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

Arn lays it on the line, long before Charles Barkley. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

Arn tells Sting what really makes a man tough. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

Arn gives his theory about War Games. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

Arn gives his review of the Horsemen. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

Arn explains that there is a time and place for everything. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

Arn explains what it takes to be a man in professional wrestling. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

Arn explains the root of all the Macho Man's problems. (Courtesy of The Ringside Seat)

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