The Kevin Buchanan Archives

Some time ago, I put out a call for a copy of Ted DiBiase's appearance on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. One reader, Kevin Buchanan, had a copy of it...and a lot more. He sent me his collection of seven videotapes of some incredible mid-1980s WWF stuff. I've gone through the tapes and made JPGs of some great stuff to bring back some memories. So, check out one man's videotape collection, available only on DDT Digest.

- Quite probably the greatest pro wrestling segment of all time

- Tea with Mr. Fuji

- Terry Funk invades the WWF

- The worst tag team of all time

- The Iron Sheik, WWF World Heavyweight Champion

- The birth of Hulkamania

- Andre The Giant, WWF Superstar

- WWF 1980s Title Changes

- Real Old Stuff

- More Classic Moments From TNT

- More Classic Mid-80s Moments

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