WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 01/05/98

By Chan and Charlie

Matt A. from Georgia Tech sends the following arena report:
Here is what happened after the cameras stopped rolling:
They cut off with Sting and Luger fending off the nWo team as you already know. Just your typical brawl with a few Stinger splashes highlighting it. They cleared them rather quickly and Hogan and company stood there exchanging words with Lex and Sting. Luger said something on the mic, but I can't remember what. Anyways, Hogan and Macho Man agree to take on Sting and Luger right then and there. Luger got beat around the whole time until he finally tagged in Sting while Hogan was in the ring. There was a Stinger Splash or two and finally he got Hogan in the Deathlock and he tapped out. Then Lex gets Macho into the rack while Hogan was still in the deathlock and the place was going crazy. I also remember Sting doing his yell and a bunch of crotch chops, but I don't remember if that was after this match or after they had fought off the nWo. Not quite the "greatest" Nitro of all time, but still an awesome show.
Doug Palmer from University of Western Florida sends in the following arena report:
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