WCW U.S. Heavyweight Title Tournament, 1999

March 18th - April 11th, 1999

Due to an injury to Scott Hall, WCW President-For-Life announced on the March 11th edition of Thunder that he was stripping Scott Hall of the U.S. Heavyweight Championship which he had won at Superbrawl and holding a tournament to determine a new champion. The finals were held at Spring Stampede on April 11th.

Tournament Results

                    |                    |
Bam Bam Bigelow_____|                    |
                                         |Scott Steiner_______
Chris Jericho_______                     |                    |
                    |                    |                    |
                    |Scott Steiner_______|                    |
                    |                                         |
Scott Steiner_______|                                         |
                                                              |Scott Steiner___
Saturn______________                                          |
                    |                                         |
                    |Booker T.___________                     |
                    |                    |                    |
Booker T.___________|                    |                    |
                                         |                    |
                                         |Booker T.___________|
Chris Jericho *_____                     |
                    |                    |
                    |Chris Jericho_______|
Chris Adams_________|

* - Chris Jericho negotiated his way back into the tournament after
losing to Scott Steiner in the first round. He cited Page 46, Consult 8 in the
rulebook which states that if a wrestler cannot continue in a tournament, the
person who wrestled last that lost will take his place.
It's a nice theory, but that logic only makes sense if Hennig had a first-round
match and won so Jericho replaced him in the second round, or Jericho replaced
him in the first round.
Later in that show, Jericho did defeat Chris Adams in a match. So, although it
was not announced as a match that was part of the U.S. Title tournament, and
even though on a later Thunder Mike Tenay stated that "Chris Jericho replaced
Curt Hennig in the semi-final round", I'm going to assume it Jericho/Adams was
in fact a first-round tournament match so the bracketing will make sense.

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